The turban of Hassan Pasha, veg’ baked keftas

Let’s go to old Orient for a funny yummy dinner…

hassan pasha
Photo borrowed here.

This guy is Hassan Pasha, a 17th century Turkish prince. His hat inspired this recipe.

You recognize him ? Yes ? So next week, we’ll bake a lion…

It’s usually made with meat, and cheese, but my version is plant based, but I kept the base of 3 elements, a meatball (beanball), mashed potatoes and tomato sauce..

I made my keftas of cooked azuki red beans, minced onion, powdered sesame seeds, Chinese dark miso and a little potato starch as a binder. The spices are : lots of coriander seeds, paprika, a little cumin, black pepper and cinnamon.
Cooked potatoes are mashed, colored with turmeric, flavored with a little nutmeg and olive oil.
The sauce is tomato paste, water, olive oil, thyme, grated garlic and onion, salt.
Shape the keftas like nests, make a turban of potato, pour the sauce around and bake.

Baked ! I should have put more sauce.

As a side, avocado with wasabina tsukemono green pickle (see here).

Summer veggie tagine with merguez-keftas

Hot like hell ? Let’s escape. I’ve boarded the flying tagine for a culinary trip to couscous world.

Lots of veggies and grilled kefta-merguez.

Merguez are suppose to be sausages, the name implies the shape of ahem… Well I didn’t bother casing them.

I just prepared ground beef spiced like merguez filling. I made a random spice mix. There is garlic, a good dose of chili pepper and an insane amount of red paprika.

After forming round kefta balls, I pan-cooked them.

Then grilled.

Okra, bell peppers, aubergine, chick peas…

These watery veggies are hydrating, and the spicy balls help bearing the heat. Plus it’s mmmm….

Mini mezze, with a hint of yogurt

Ideal for the season. 4 little plates full of green and freshness.

Spicy chicken kefta (with turmeric, coriander, pepper), fava beans in yogurt and mint.

Moutabel. Flesh of baked aubergine, mixed with garlic, lemon juice, tahini and yogurt. Served cooled with olive oil. That’s really tasty and refreshing.

Simple sides : brown rice and lemoned okra.

Meatball Tagliatelle (via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

Meatball Tagliatelle Tomato puree, garlic, onion, green sweet pepper, dried chili, herbes de Provence, olive oil. Meat balls (beef, coriander seeds, black pepper, Ceylon cinnamon) Home-made tagliatelle (bread flour and egg) Snap peas For 1 serving of pasta Cal 640.3 Fat 26.2g Carb 67.5g Prot 35.2g (I had 2 servings of pasta , I need carbs today… I will make in sort that I needed them.LOL) Cal 851.6 Fat 29.2g Carb 103.9g Prot 44.0g … Read More

via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka