Field of fairies, with munsterious natto

Flowers dancing on my plate make me think of small flying fairies in a clear field in the middle of a dark wood ? A wood of matsu, Japanese pine trees…

Now the sadistic natto shooting…

It came in this wood leaf package. Pine flavored natto. Very special. Let’s spill the beans :

And you are missing the small. The closest… Munster cheese !

And strong in taste too… OK, that’s the last one.

Something fresher to balance the dish. Cukes. And shikibu-so leaves, in ohitashi. That means I briefly passed the leaves in boiling water (I poured it on them), drained and refreshed in cold water. Such ohitashi veggies are usually served simply with soy sauce for instance. Here the sauce comes with the natto.

shikibu leaves (click here)

Lady Shikibu visited my plate

Shikibu-so. The herb of Lady Shikibu. Murasaki Shikibu. No ? OK, the famous writer’s last name, Murasaki, also means purple color. That was not her official ID, but a nickname she took to play Cluedo (who knows ?) and for her job.
There is another name for the plant : Kinji-so. These leaves have been cultivated in Kumamoto (Kyushu) in Edo Era and a bit forgotten. They are revived by farmers in Kanazawa.

The purple color is due to a pigment called antocyanin. 

Of course, I ate them. In a stir-fry of rice noodles. I cannot say the taste is very strong. That’s very close to Water Morning Glory.

With fresh hot chilis, 2 colors. Onion. Soy sauce.

Creamy ! It’s nerigoma (sesame butter, tahini).

Simply beans for the proteins : reheated azuki, favas (broad beans) in tomato juice, with garlic.

Lots of coriander.