Triple sprout stir-fry

A good mood oyster sauce stir-fry with lots of fresh spouted grains.

This is my garden… : kaiware (sprouts of daikon radish) and behind broccoli sprouts.
I could tell you : “Sprouting your own grains makes you save so much money…” and that wouldn’t be true.

These are mungo bean sprouts that I bought. 200 g for 19 yen, and that’s not the cheapest deal I can get. For kaiware and alfalfa idem. Others are slightly less cheap.
In any case, the seeds cost me more. Well, my “gardening” is still cheap. That’s just not a bargain. I do it for the fun. I’ll try others for variety.
It’s nice to see plants growing, isn’t it ?

Spring cabbage. The outer leaves are already into the wok…

With chicken liver, paprika.