Fruity cardamom waffles

Today’s brunch : apple waffles, and kiwis.

Simple batter, flour, baking powder, black sugar, water. I’ve added seeds of cardamom and small dices of apple.

With fresh slices of kiwi.

Simple and delicious.

Kiwi nutty tartelette

Nothing better than a dessert full of vitamins. A kiwi tartelette is always beautiful. Do you remember this one :

kiwi haupia pie

Instead of haupia, I’ve used a leftover of two nut cream :

I’ve received a new batch of Osaka kiwi. They are very sweet.

A pre-baked oatmeal crust, the nut cream and after baking, fresh kiwi slices.

Not much effort to get such a gorgeous dessert.

Marron berry chunky terrine

What about a thick slice of year-end terrine ? It’s full of whole sweet chestnuts, big bits of onion, and balanced with the light sourness of red goji berries. The texture is ideal.

Yes, that’s one more bean terrine. But this time it’s based on kuromame black beans.

Half mashed, half whole. Another secret ingredient ;
soba cha, buckwheat tea

I’ve added some (dry, not infused) for texture and the nutty taste. The terrine is not so good freshly baked, but after 1, or better 2 days in the fridge, the flavors mixed and set, it became firmer and easier to cut too.

It’s the season of these small Japanese kiwi. They look like the first kiwis we’d get in France when I was a kid, smaller and less colorful that those they sell massively now. The taste fresh and a little tart, flavorful, not overly sweet.

Kiwi and haupia tartelette

A refreshing dessert. And it’s Bayard, which means that’s healthy for a cake.
I had no idea of what season the kiwi were supposed to be good when I lived in France. They were imported, and as they are produced in many places, there are always some to buy. In Osaka, the fruit is not traditional, but now it’s becoming common in gardens. So I can see some on trees. They are good to eat in November~December. Hey, it’s now !

Take a pre-baked rice bran pie crust (click here for details).

Fill it with haupia the Haiwaiian coconut pudding.

Simple haupia : 1 tbs of cornstarch, 3 tbs of water, 1 tbs of coconut cream and sweetener as you like (optional). Mix and stir-cook till it’s creamy.




Boeuf-carottes forever

The typical French Winter stew. 5 minutes of work, marinate, cook a little and let simmer long long hours in rice-cooker transformed in crock pot.

Bring the bread (thank you, little home-bakery). It’s rice-bran and sesame bread.



Steamed veggies to be beautifully healthy. They are delicious naturally, even salt is not needed.

Kabocha brings carotene, vitamins and all. It gives a nice skin and prevents colds. They say.

Kiwi produced in Japan. Well no seeds.

Dry persimmon.

On yogurt.

(meal + bread)
Cal 692 F12.6g C111.3g P36.7g

Previous versions :


Boeuf de huit heures… Slow cooked beef

Dinner on a tray… 3 ideas with goma, daikon and ume.

Behind the daikon radish tsukemono, a plate with kuro-goma bread, ume jam, a few baby okras, autsraembert cheese*, a few seeds of pumpkin and goji berries.

*Clin d’oeil a mes compatriotes :

Comme vous voyez, ils osent tout les Australiens. Ce sympathique fromage a ete intitule cam… , bon, vous avez compris, ca n’y ressemble en rien. Alors, on dira austraembert.

The big radish…

Tsukemono (pickle). 2 ingredients : a daikon, very little natural salt. Cut, salt, wait 30 minutes, rinse in fresh water, squeeze out water…


The Japanese plum is taken green, when it’s still very acid and perfumed. They are good during the rainy season, “the ume rains” in Japanese.
When it’s ripe, it’s watery, less interesting. To make umeboshi (salty ume) and umeshu (ume liquor), the plum must be perfectly green and not bruised anywhere. If they are not fit… they sell them to foreigners for 60 yen (half the price of a small can of soda) for 3 kg.

Ume quick jam.
I pasted a cup of ume and a very ripe kiwi, simmered 5 minutes with 2 tbs of honey. That can be kept a few days in the fridge.

Black sesame.

Surdough bread, with goma cream (black sesame tahini), powdered sesame and sesame seeds added to the dough. It takes a funny concrete color. Taste is very nutty.

Cal 632 F22.8g C81.1g P27.4g