Douceurs de beurre et marrons… (via GiO)

LY For chestnut lovers

Melty and simple kuri wagashi…Creme Mont-Blanc, parfum marron…

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Douceurs de beurre et marrons…

Melty and simple kuri wagashi

Kuri 3, the sweet

Creme Mont-Blanc, parfum marron

I heart kouign amann

It’s a 3 part menu

Entree : Salade de lentilles au saumon d’automne

Plat principal : poulet aux pruneaux et ses dauphines

Entremet, dessert et mignardises : douceurs de beurre et marron

I heart kouign amann

My version of the classic French delight from Bretagne (Brittany). You must eat a kouign before your death, and the later you’ll do it, the more regrets of not having started kouigning in your infancy.

Bad news : it’s not so easy to bake, it takes ages.
Good news : practice makes perfect, and home-made version is still very yummy.

Mine doesn’t compare with the good ones made by pros…. but they are much better than the ordinary version sold in most bakeries (ingredient lists usually confirms my impression).

Kouign =cake, Amann = butter, in Brittany’s language. Butter means good churned butter with sea salt in it.

What I can get : It’s standard butter (1% salt) plus natural sea salt. And yellow cane sugar.
I prepared bread dough with the home-bakery.

It’s fully covered with a caramel crust…