For a sick cat

Ginger kuzu-yu.

You were getting canned posts because I stopped food. Yep, eating is a nasty habit. All you need is a little strength of will… I have none.
The other way is to be 99% dead and sick in bed, which is what I have done mostly for the last 3 days. Now I am back to life, but not totally repaired yet. I’m left with a voice of cat, as they say here, or a cat in the throat as we say in my country.

So take fresh ginger and kuzu.

Starch of kuzu, kudzu . I used to think it was arrow-root. It has the color of arrow-root, the taste of arrow-root, but indeed it’s Canada Dry. Click to read more about that plant.


Dilute in cold water. Heat slowly and stir till it becomes transparent. You can add honey and grated ginger, for a sore throat, but other flavorings are possible.

Serve hot.

(photo from a webshop, click to get there)

It’s a popular Winter sweet.
Japanese cake stores sell thoses cute packages of instant kuzu-yu (just add hot water). There are also blocks with cute shapes.

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.

It will wonderfully sooth the aching throat thanks to the extraordinary gel texture.

Ate it till the last drop…