Green fish curry and green asparagus sudachi-lemon bifun rice noodles

That makes a long title, for a quite simple lunch.

Fish green curry, made with Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, “head and bones” of a tai Japanese snapper. I mean they take away the filets for sashimi and the rest of the fish is sold separately for that sort of dish, there is plenty to eat around the bones.
Vegetables are galangal, lemon grass, stalks of ginger, new onion, chili, green pepper bells. 2 small sudachi lemons. Herbs are bay leaves, basil and green leek. A little fish sauce.

Sudachi and green asparagus bifun.
Green asparagus chopped, boiled in very little water. This water is used to hydrate the rice noodles. Asparagus and noodles are season with sudachi lemon juice.

Cal 631.8 F20.6g C88.3g P30.5g