Cumin lamb chop and kujo negi, Chinese style


Another way to serve a lamb chop. A fun quick lunch.


Pan-fried with sesame oil and cumin seeds.

I had a few fresh Kujo negi, Kyoto leeks.


The tender part of greens.


The white part is cut into angel’s hair.


The sauce : Chinese black miso, a little gochujang and powdered cumin.


I didn’t make them. I bought ready to use Chinese Spring roll wraps, warmed them in the steamer.


That’s served : Take a crepe, put veggies, meat and sauce on it, roll and eat immediately.



Spahis ? Kaki sfeeha.


Japanese-Lebanese-Gourmande fusion : Lebanese sfiha (sfeeha, small meat pies) with Japanese kaki, and coconut tzatziki.


Cut thinly lamb meat, season with salt. Cut a little kaki persimmon. Cut onion and kabocha pumpkin in small cubes, garlic thinly, stir-fry with lamb fat. Season with a little salt, cumin, cinnamon, nutgmeg, black pepper. Add the meat and fruit to the onions. Shred a few leaves of mint and some fresh thyme, add them.

Dough : flour, cumin seeds, a little baking powder, a drizzle of olive oil. Mix. Add just enough hot water to form a ball.


Take a ball of dough, spread in a circle, put filling in the middle and pinch the squares to form a basket.


Paint with olive oil and bake.


Garnish with a drizzle of olive oil, chili flakes and mint leaves. Serve hot.


Tzatziki : cucumbers and a little goya (bitter squash), the sauce is made with coconut cream, garlic, mint and thyme.


The perfect pair.



Plum chutney lamb

I really enjoyed this meal, tasty and balance. Lamb’s strength and the sour’n sweetness of the chutney, that was the perfect accord.

That’s an easy one if you have the chutney in stock. If not, make some :

My chunky ume plum chutney (recipe)

Sear a lamb chop with very little olive oil. Cover with chunky chutney.

Hakusai (napa cabbage) stir-fried with the lamb.

Freshly prepared new genmai (brown rice).

The refill of steamed veggies : aubergines, red onion, shishito peppers, tomato paste. Flavor is rosemary.

A little protein boost : yakko tofu. It’s cubed kinudofu (silky texture). With negi leeks and nama shoyu soy sauce.

The whole meal (1 serving of rice):
Cal 589.7 F25.7g C76.3g P22.5g

Spicy lamb kebab

We get only lamb chops… I have cut one into dices. Marinated in a mix of spices like in Chinese streets…

“black” and brown rice.

Minimalist coleslaw : cabbage and sudachi lemon.

Momen tofu (pressed out of water), red onion, konnyaku… to make sesame, soy sauce, vinegar and umeboshi salad.

Cal 414.8 F20.3g C47.3g P19.7g