Autumn lasagne


Lasagne with season ingredients : kabocha pumpkin, mushrooms, mature sakekasu (sake lees)…
First, I’ve made the pasta with durum semolina.


Steamed kabocha pumpkin. Silky tofu, crumbled and mixed with a little olive oil, thyme, salt, pepper, chili flakes.


On the boiled pasta, I’ve layered kabocha, tofu and sauce.


For the sauce, I’ve pasted the nuts, garlic, sakekasu.


Added the paste to the soaked fungi. Added a tbs of potato starch to thicken slightly. Let a few minutes on low heat. Seasoned with salt and pepper.


Top sauce : I’ve pasted sakekasu, miso, water, olive oil, then added broken walnuts.


A newly created Japanese citrus. キノス kinosu, from 木の酢, which means “vinegar from trees”. It has a very fruity flavor.


Blanched okra with negi leeks and kinosu juice as a green side.



Fish and spinach lasagna disguised in accordion

What’s your costume for carnival ? I put a white toque and I pretend to be a chef.
And let me introduce you accordion lasagana. The idea was to fold a long lasagna instead of superposing square ones. That’s the ultimate fun comfort food.

Like this, with sauce in the folds.

A long sheet of egg pasta.

Cod fish and small spinach.

I’d added the diced fish to a chunky and cream tomato sauce.

Folded in spinach and sauce, and baked.

That’s what is like : some bits of pasta become crispy.

Raw turnip and goya as sides.

Mini-lasagne for a vegetal pause

I’m not vegan, but I sometimes have totally plant-based meals. This is a version of the new classic tofu lasagna.


Half a block of hand-made momen (cotton) tofu, pressed a while to extract water, sliced in 3. In between, red onion, eringi mushroom, garlic and sakekasu (they have a fermented flavor, like old cheese), then tomato flesh. On top, herbes de Provence, salt, pepper, bread crumbs. A drizzle of olive oil… and the “gratin program” of the oven.

Turnip leaves (not so fresh as they were…), dipped a few seconds in boiling water. With shiso leaves. And gomadare (sesame sauce, with miso and black rice vinegar).

Suimono (drink soup). It’s a broth of soy sauce, seaweeds and little grated ginger, with wakame seaweed.

A few chionoules as dessert.

making Greek snowballs

Cal 644.7 F38.7g C61.1g P24.5g