Chicken in hot sesame sauce and coconut yogurt


An Asian fusion lunch.
The main dish is a chicken curry with Thai red curry paste, but I have used pasted sesame (tahini) instead of coconut milk. I’ve added broccoli and yuzu too. A good mix.


To go with steamed rice.


That’s my first plant based yogurt and I really like it. I should have tried that before as that’s easy.
I have mixed warmed canned coconut milk and some soy yogurt that I bought. I have only added a little sugar to the milk.
After a night in the yogurt maker, I let it one day in the fridge. Some white liquid was floating over “water”. I have mixed once, then it stayed mix for several days. The result is liquid as I expected since the commercial yogurt is thickened with agar. It becomes sour from the second day, so patience is necessary. Then it can be kept… 4 days so far (it’s the second batch).


With crushed mint and a little sugar, that makes a pleasant lassi dessert.


Plate of India with a pinch of edamania

Edamame, the fresh green soy beans are probably not an Asia tradition, but they fit in so well on a dome of buttered rice.

With leftover cooked brown rice and potatoes, a few veggies, it’s quick to throw in a nice vegetarian Indian one plate meal.

The mild : Cardamom flavored potato and new onion.

The red hot : Garam masala stir-fried okra.

Refreshing mango lassi.

Add a fried egg, and spiced mizuna leaves.

Hmmmm, healthy and satisfying.