Spahis ? Kaki sfeeha.


Japanese-Lebanese-Gourmande fusion : Lebanese sfiha (sfeeha, small meat pies) with Japanese kaki, and coconut tzatziki.


Cut thinly lamb meat, season with salt. Cut a little kaki persimmon. Cut onion and kabocha pumpkin in small cubes, garlic thinly, stir-fry with lamb fat. Season with a little salt, cumin, cinnamon, nutgmeg, black pepper. Add the meat and fruit to the onions. Shred a few leaves of mint and some fresh thyme, add them.

Dough : flour, cumin seeds, a little baking powder, a drizzle of olive oil. Mix. Add just enough hot water to form a ball.


Take a ball of dough, spread in a circle, put filling in the middle and pinch the squares to form a basket.


Paint with olive oil and bake.


Garnish with a drizzle of olive oil, chili flakes and mint leaves. Serve hot.


Tzatziki : cucumbers and a little goya (bitter squash), the sauce is made with coconut cream, garlic, mint and thyme.


The perfect pair.



Easy mudardara

Today a delicious Lebanese dish, that takes only a few minutes of your time to prepare. It’s freely inspire from this recipe from the blog OneArabVegan. Thanks for the inspiration.

That’s basically rice and lentils.

And usually I cook these in my rice-cooker, not on the same day. Well, I mixed them, rinsed, added water and switched :

Ping ! Already ? I grabbed a red onion, garlic, some leftover of leek that I stir-fried with chili and lots of grated coriander seed. I made a lot of topping to compensate the lack of seasoning of the base.

With a salad of cabbage in lemon dressing.

Mmm… a delicious meal. I’ll do it again. I read you could also serve it cold, but maybe I’ll wait for another season.

Kabocha and carrot kibbeh

I have followed the trend of the pumpkin kibbeh recipe on this blog Hommus w tabbouli. A kibbeh is some dish made of bulgur, and often mixed and stuffed with ground meat. This one is a Lent recipe from Lebanon. It’s meatless. And it’s a baked kibbeh.

When it’s baked it’s a sort of pie. You can see the filling with chick peas.

Overnight soaked bulgur. I’ve added a puree of kabocha pumpkin and carrot, a few spices (mace, ras el hanout, black pepper, flour), and some flour. Let one hour in the fridge.

I’ve used what I had : the chick pea, onions, spinach. The nuts are replaced by sunflower seeds. I’ve cut in small bits the green rind of kabocha. I stir-fried in olive oil, with a little garlic.

The filling is sandwiched between 2 layers of bulgur mix. Baked like a gratin.

That’s crispy on the top, and very filling. I liked it a lot, but I should used more spices. I’ll know next time. That was not a problem as I had a spicy side dish.

Imam bayildi.


Mini-mezze. OK, 2 items only… Well that should be 3. I have to confess what happened to the third.

Ah la la… In the name of culinary science, I tried to cook falafels in the waffle maker. Verdict : FAIL !
Oh they did cook, but they were glued there and split in 2. I had to eat directly from the molds.

Back to tabouleh. This is the Lebanese style. Far away from its remote French cousin.

Made with bulgur and all the herbs I had to use or lose. I though I had lots of herbs but I could have used 3 times more.

Bulgur takes longer than couscous to rehydrate.

It’s crunchy and solid under the teeth, delicately fresh and fragrant.

Served with a veggie mix, chick peas, favas, red paprika, seasoned with mace.