Seed butter vichyssoise


Made with leftovers. A cold soup flavored with sesame and sunflower seed butter.


Old potatoes and whites of leeks. So the idea came quickly : a vichyssoise, the creamy chilled soup.


Lots of leeks, a few potatoes.


I had not enough sesame, so I’ve mixed with a few “pipasol” seeds. The result is very nutty.


As a side dish : ribbons of carrot, mitsuba (stalks and leaves)


With cheezy sauce/dressing : tofu, olive oil, salt and sakekasu (sake lees)



Les petites tartines

Tartine au misozuke tofu et au daikon kaiware (radish sprouts).
A tartine is just a slice of bread with something on it. Simple.

Graham flour and sesame bread. It’s a thick bread, a bit rustic. Perfect for that “cheese” tofu. The radish touch is interesting and crunchy. Miam !

read about misozuke tofu (fermented tofu)


Tartine grillee au poireau “Kujo negi”, cheddar et poivre noir. Leek, cheddar, black pepper.

The bread is pistolet milk roll that were starting to become stale. (Post about pistolets )

They were still very fluffy inside, and great after toasting. Perfect hot sand, fresh and creamy.

Le poulet de Gaston – Dijon chicken

This is a retro dish, totally addictive.
Gaston Gérard’s chicken. Who ? What ? Why ?

Cette recette a été réalisée pour la première fois en 1930 par l’épouse du maire de Dijon, Gaston Gérard, pour Curnonsky, gastronome, humoriste et critique culinaire français.


Well, this Mr Gaston Gérard was a politician that was mayor of Dijon in Bourgogne before the war. And he remains famous for the recipe his wife created in 1930 for their friend Curnonsky, the famous culinary writer. You know the guy that invented KISS (kook it simple and slurrrrp ).

The recipe showcases great produce you can find in Dijon.
A recipe in English.
I prefer simmering longly the chicken in wine and using the broth for the sauce.

The secret of the creamy and cheesy sauce is moutarde de Dijon.

To make it look honest… Veggies poached in the broth. Shimonita negi leeks and mushrooms. That’s healthy. Well, the veggies are. Note that Gaston lived into his 90’s with his creamy diet.

If you want a lighter version for Summer, with coconut cream :

poulet Dijon-Tahiti (click here)

If you made too much, you can later make a wonderful toast.

Consommé ambré (tomato, chicken, shiso flower)

Little chemist mode on !
For the Daring Cook Challenge, a clarified consommé. It is super simple.
See the recipe and other challenger’s soups here : Daring Cooks.

This is a series of 3 posts. This one is to make the consomme.
Then :
making the dobin-mushi soup
serving it in Japanese style

The stock is chicken (meat and broken bone) with leek greens. Yeah, I made for the risotto. That was clear the next day. I had not much to clarify. So I mixed with tomato juice. I clarified with egg white. In the bag, a branch of shiso flowers.

Here you can see the chicken stock, with added tomato, and clarified.
And if you wonder how I served it, see next post, about dobin-mushi (click here):