Happy rice to empty the fridge

A healthy stir-fry with left-overs of germinated rice :

hatsuga genmai

taasai greens
coleslaw (without sauce)
feet of enoki mushrooms

Fresh jelly ear mushrooms. That’s not a left-over. I bought them on purpose. They have little taste but a refreshing crunchiness.

Stir-fried with garlic, ginger and oyster sauce.

Glossy omuraisu

When I saw the post of Nippon Nin (she is the Ambassador of Japanese family cooking in the US), I knew what my lunch would be… She made a deliciously looking omelet rice, also known as omuraisu. She gives you a detailed recipe.

You need leftovers of rice, eggs, whatever you get in the fridge to stir-fry with the rice. I had bits of pork and a few veggies.

Butter to flavor the omelet and the rice.

That’s it. It’s glossy on the first photo because I painted it with sweet chili sauce.

I had a little rice left as a side dish…

A cup of mizuna, to say I’ve eaten my greens…
Yummy !

The meal :

Cal 610 F18.3g C83.1g P26.4g

Another version with sauce :


Alibaba said : open sesame…

That’s a cousin of the baba au rhum (Rum baba), famous in my place of origine.
That was a way to recycle dried sesame potica :

The cake was soaked in a light syrup of awamori (sweet rice sake) and kurozato (Okinawa black sugar).

It’s the custom to serve the baba au rhum with cream (whipped or custard ) and with fruit salad.
Here grapes and whipped silky tofu.

Served very fresh, that was good like a sin !

Another way to recycle brioche/chinois/potica…

Pain Perdu Marie-Antoinette

De-cassoulet, the vegetarian way

I had a whole pot of simmered beans when I prepared fish cassoulet a few days ago. I used 2/3 for the baked dish. I had left-overs : few beans but all the flavoring veggies (and melted garlic) and lots of broth.

This time, it’s not a cassoulet as it’s not baked in the pottery dish… let’s de-cassoulet.
I added lots of leftover veggies from my fridge (romanesco, celery stalks, mushrooms…) and reheated slowly.

The last addition is an egg, poached in the broth, served when white was cook. For a second serving, a second egg.

Kare raisu 2 : egg’n spinach revenge

I don’t want to eat exactly the same dish days in a row. Well, a second serving with a variation is nice.
Japanese curry rice, kare raisu, is often proposed with spinach and egg.

I reaheated curry sauce with more water, nearly no meat.

Operation Kare Raisu (recipe of the curry from scratch)

Steamed spinach that are now steaming the lense of the camera…

I had boiled kuromame (black soy beans), so I added a few. Persimmon for dessert.

(with 1.5 servings of rice)
Cal 563.6 F8.7g C109.6g P 29.2g