Okra green curry


For hot weather, a dish from a hot country : Thai green curry. I’ve loaded it with okras, the hydrating greens that help fight the heat.


Today’s basket is very juicy : okra, green sweet chili peppers, tomatoes, enoki mushrooms


First : carrots, onion, coriander roots, lemon grass, sansho peppercorns…
Then : Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, chicken legs…
Finally : the veggies, a few laurel leaves, and at the end, bits of peeled lemon…


That gives a big volume !


And steamed potatoes. Yes, that should be rice, but I wanted tatoes for their potassium… and well, I wanted to eat them with whatever.



Table tricolore. Three taboulés.


Too hot to cook… Let’s just mix, wait and eat.
Taboulé is the king of Summer.


Or couscous ? Both.
To make bulgur green tabouleh (click here).
For the couscous, I simply mix all the veggies, dressing (lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, minced onion and garlic) to the dry grain. I complete liquid with water (for 1 cup of grain, 2 of liquid). I let at least 2 hours in the fridge.




Turmeric, raisins, red bell pepper, chick peas, herbs.




Tomato paste, chick peas, sweet corn, green bell peppers, herbs.




Lots of fresh herbs. All the herbs I had that day (parsley, oregano, mint and a little lemon balm).




Soupe du jour : Easy pork pho

The Vietnamese pho soup is usually made with a longly simmered broth. I didn’t make broth, I boiled directly the spices and veggies. That’s different, but quick and tasty.

a slightly more traditional pho

Pork, carrot, mushrooms and rice noodles…

… and South-East Asian plants I had in my freezer (lemon grass, galangal, citrus leaves, coriander leaves) and pantry (star anise, cloves, Sichuan pepper, dry chili, garlic). Then I added nuoc nam fish sauce, sugar and lemon juice.

The big bowl :

Cal 317.5 F 3.3g C 54.1g P 19.1g

Creamy bean gratin

Many veggies around a hot gratin. Another easy lunch.

2 servings of (frozen) white beans as a base. Plus tomato paste, garlic, sage, silky tofu. On top, parmesan cheese and olive oil.

Simple one ingredient recipe : small Japanese turnips. And that’s all.

They get dried and slightly “burnt” first. The juice caramelised and gave them a sweet taste.

I should get more leafy greens no ? Oh, an idea :

Express kale soup (powder for smoothies) with South-Asian spices : galangal, lemon grass, leafs of citrus.

Corail curry and fresh pearls

Corail, corral… it’s this sweet orange color. As today, it’s a full curry meal, coated in red Thai curry with lots of coconut. I used the paste but “improved” it. I had some frozen curry “bits”, galangal, coriander root, citrus leaf (forgot the name), lemon grass. Garlic, ginger… and ginseng to complete.

Shiny… can you recognize the “hidden” ingredients ? (answer in the keywords)

Under there is rice pasta…

Refreshing mini-tomatoes.