Rice-lentils and baked spicy azuki lunch


Another nutritious and delicious plant-based lunch, doubly boosted in plant proteins with two types of pulses : beans and lentils. And a dynamic salad.
That’s ready very quickly if you plan a little. As faithful readers know, I cook beans in big batches and freeze in small portions, in muffin molds. Then you have to think about soaking the rice and lentils the night before (you can do without in case you forgot, but that’s better to do it right most of the time).


Azuki beans (boiled, I had them frozen), with gochujang and kimchi, two Korean products. I mixed, covered with bread crumbs.


Baked and sprinkled a little fragrant sesame oil and chili flakes on top.


Brown rice and lentils, soaked overnight and cooked in the rice-cooker together.


I stir-fried an onion, a little garlic, ginger slices, added the rice, turmeric, a little garam masala spice mix.


Kabocha salad made in last post.


Japanesed mudardara


Another version of adapted murdardara (the Middle-East rice lentil dish). I served it inside a Japanese meal that contained :


aka endomame (click here)


A kasujiru soup with kombu dashi (seaweed stock) as a base, onion, daikon and kabocha as items.

sake kasu and miso as flavoring.



I made it in the rice cooker like for this easy mudardara. The veggies today were kujo negi leeks, new ginger, onion, myoga, with cumin as main spice.


A sliced of grilled salted salmon :


Raw myoga, blanched komatsuna greens, blanched okra, fried tofu :


Red dosa


Another version of the Indian pancake. I had soaked enough grains for 2 batches.


That was the occasion to cook these long red peppers. They are not hot at all.


Same process as the previous green dosas. I’ve added a whole red chili (minus stalk and seeds), a little minced onion, garlic, ginger and some masala spice mix.




Scramble tofu with basil, black pepper and salt.


Goya bitter cucumber.


I made coffee jelly (with agar).


Served as dessert, sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg.


Broccoli basil dosa



An Indian style pancake with *local* produce. That would be a breakfast, that’s great for a hot hot day brunch too.


For the batter, rinse and soak lentils with brown rice, at least overnight. My ration 1:1 is high in lentils, I like it.
The next day, put the mix in the blender, add salt, turmeric and a little baking powder.


Add cut broccoli stalks and shredded basil. Mix a little more. If you have some broccoli florets you can cut them and add in the batter without remixing.


Cook thick crepes.



Summer kabocha, boiled then refried with spices, onion, ginger, garlic.


Completed with edamame beans.




Easy mudardara

Today a delicious Lebanese dish, that takes only a few minutes of your time to prepare. It’s freely inspire from this recipe from the blog OneArabVegan. Thanks for the inspiration.

That’s basically rice and lentils.

And usually I cook these in my rice-cooker, not on the same day. Well, I mixed them, rinsed, added water and switched :

Ping ! Already ? I grabbed a red onion, garlic, some leftover of leek that I stir-fried with chili and lots of grated coriander seed. I made a lot of topping to compensate the lack of seasoning of the base.

With a salad of cabbage in lemon dressing.

Mmm… a delicious meal. I’ll do it again. I read you could also serve it cold, but maybe I’ll wait for another season.

Red lentil crackers, two flavors

Crackers made with red lentil flour. I passed the lentils in the coffee mill. Then it’s extremely simple.

That makes tasty crackers richer in proteins. Both taste great. I prefer… the garlic parsley ones.

To the lentil flour, I’ve added 1/2 volume of flour, olive oil, salt, just enough water. Half with powdered sesame, black pepper, spice mix and poppy seeds. Half with minced parsley and grated garlic.

Baked !

Top and back have different colors.

The 2 types, ready to be munched. I can use them as a snack to carry in my bag. Perfect.

nuka rice bran crackers

red lentil crisp bread

5 minute lentil aubergine curry

That’s not ready in 5 minutes, but that took only 5 minutes of my time to prepare.

2 minutes :

Aubergines, steamed in the micro-wave.

Red lentils, boiled in the quick program of the rice cooker.
Then I cut onion, garlic, ginger, put to fry on slow heat with laurel, chili and cardamom.

***I disappear***
15 to 20 minutes
***I’m back***

2 minutes :

Add the cooked veggies, tomato paste, salt, powder spices (turmeric, paprika, pepper).

1 minute :

Reheat. Garnish.

My vitamin supplement. I eat a few nuts and dry fruits everyday. They become a topping today,