Red lentil crackers, two flavors

Crackers made with red lentil flour. I passed the lentils in the coffee mill. Then it’s extremely simple.

That makes tasty crackers richer in proteins. Both taste great. I prefer… the garlic parsley ones.

To the lentil flour, I’ve added 1/2 volume of flour, olive oil, salt, just enough water. Half with powdered sesame, black pepper, spice mix and poppy seeds. Half with minced parsley and grated garlic.

Baked !

Top and back have different colors.

The 2 types, ready to be munched. I can use them as a snack to carry in my bag. Perfect.

nuka rice bran crackers

red lentil crisp bread

5 minute lentil aubergine curry

That’s not ready in 5 minutes, but that took only 5 minutes of my time to prepare.

2 minutes :

Aubergines, steamed in the micro-wave.

Red lentils, boiled in the quick program of the rice cooker.
Then I cut onion, garlic, ginger, put to fry on slow heat with laurel, chili and cardamom.

***I disappear***
15 to 20 minutes
***I’m back***

2 minutes :

Add the cooked veggies, tomato paste, salt, powder spices (turmeric, paprika, pepper).

1 minute :

Reheat. Garnish.

My vitamin supplement. I eat a few nuts and dry fruits everyday. They become a topping today,

Hot red lentil soup

Just a hot soup and toasts.

Red lentils boiled with leaves of laurel, Chinese tobanjan hot bean sauce, flowers.

Sourdough bread with “aged” cream cheese.

Saffroned masoor dal

These 2 are good friends.

They give you a bowl of vegan proteins and hot yellow flavor.

Masoor dal, red lentils are so thin that they cook in a few minutes. Maybe 12, well check at 10 and take away the foam…

I boiled them with onion, a little curry powder mix, a bit of clove, a dry chili. On the way added shimeji mushrooms and at the end yellow paprika.
The dals turn yellow when they are ready.

Add the saffron, salt, let it wait a few minutes. Color and flavor spread around.

Serve topped by a little saffron and a good drizzle of olive oil.
That’s really delicious.

2 servings (100g of dry dal)

Cal 471.5 F6.2g C79.2g P32.2g

Lentilles Corail : le retour

As they did well yesterday, the germinated red lentils are re-invited with the carrot and red bell pepper, flavored with Thai red curry paste. Then a soft preserved duck egg, with ginger and a few drops of spicy sesame oil.

Cal 364.3 F12.7g C39.2g P23.4g

FR :
Apres le succes d’hier, les lentilles corail reviennent avec carotte et poivron rouge, et cette fois avec un peu de pate a curry rouge thailandais. A cote un oeuf de 100 ans a coeur moelleux, un peu de gingembre et d’huile de sesame epicee.