Soba and sansho peppercorns


It’s the season of the lemony sansho peppercorns. Soba buckwheat noodles are also a popular Summer food. Even cooked. So here is a simple dish full of veggies.

soba compil’

About sansho


It’s simply pan-fried with onion, carrot, bell peppers, lettuce and flavored with soy sauce. The sansho brings the tone.


Served with ume pesto scallops.
The best part is what is stuck in the bottom of the pan :


Red wine mushrooms and refreshing lunch…


Another refreshing lunch for hot days. Delicious and plant-based except for the broth (that you can replace by a kombu dashi).


That’s from an idea seen on pinterest from this blog. I have not followed exactly. I refried garlic, rosemary in olive oil, added wine, simmered shimeji mushrooms. Garnished with negi leek and parsley. Warm, I was not too crazy about it, maybe I put too much rosemary. It’s better chilled, so I have kept it for the next lunch, now.


I had chicken stock left, cooled. So I’ve added chili pepper, ground black pepper,and sansho peppercorns to spice it. Boiled and chilled soba noodles to dip in.

If you like soba see this compil’.


Side veggies : lettuce, steamed kabocha and okara veggie patties (recipe here).


Mint cha gio, all your green leftovers inside Spring rolls


Veggies to use or lose, combined to an envy of nems as we say in France. I mean cha gio, the Vietnamese Spring rolls, that are a French favorite deli food. These rolls can be made in great style with many ingredients, deep fried and all. It’s a quick and casual version.


The filling is very simple : Minced lettuce, mint, garlic, onion and ginger. Salt, pepper. Mashed white beans. Fold in rice paper. Let a few hours to allow flavors to mix.


They could be eaten raw… if you don’t mind raw garlic and onion that are a bit strong. I pan-fried them.


The sauce : pounded garlic, brown sugar, a pinch of salt, chili and plenty of rice vinegar.


One side dish is a quick tsukemono (pickles) : grated daikon radish, broccoli leaves, cut sakura leaves, a little salt. Let 20 minutes then squeeze away excess liquid. A second dish is a “stalk” stir-fry in the space of pan next to the rolls. The menu :


Soba miso soup and grilled aji fish

Classic Japanese food, in a not so classic meal presentation. There would be rice normally. That doesn’t matter, as long as it’s colorful and good.

Shioyaki aji. The aji are Japanese jack mackerels. They look like sardines but you can recognize them by the “zip” on their side. I’ve simply cleaned and emptied them them, sprinkled salt and grilled a few minutes under the broiler.

Some vitamins to fight the Winter plagues. The greens are sanchu Korean lettuce. Then some pickled young ginger.


Blanched fresh soba with nanohana (rape greens). On that, a classic miso soup. The red bits are a dry togarashi chili.

Disappearing champuru

So many items and you no longer see the main dish… It’s really a big Okinawan champuru (see here) under that.

It’s tofu and egg scramble. I flavored it with some bits of salmon skin that I stir-fried, ginger and negi leeks, sea salt.

But you no longer see that base on the plate. Stirred in red cabbage, kabocha, goya, negi…

And lots of Romaine around around it.

That’s not finished : I added ten kasu (tempura crumbs) and chili powder.

A good lunch full of veggie and crunchiness…