Vitamin Holiday appetizer trio

What about starting the party with a jab of colorful nutrients ? That could make a little week-day lunch too. That was the first round of a rich holiday meal. Servings are small to allow guests to last the distance…

Which soup ? Do you want your greens or your carotene ? Let’s have both. They are like hot smoothies.

Boiled carrot, kabocha squash, nutmeg, coriander seeds and a melt cheese square.

Spinach briefly “heated” in boiling water, fresh tarragon, melt cheese.

Raviole de crevettes en sauce rose.

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the inside. It’s a big spoon of quickly poached Nordic shrimps (amaebi) in an open raviole made of fresh egg pasta.

They are coated with the same sauce. The sauce is a Brandy tomato sauce base, flavored with the shrimp shells and creamed. Decorated with pink peppercorns.

A silky Chinese dessert, annin doufu

Soothing shades for a refreshing dessert. There are 100 versions of these almond milk jelly cubes, the Chinese blanc-manger. Annin doufu is literally almond tofu but it’s so often made with soy like today. In Japan, dairy versions are common.

I jellified with agar some soy milk cut with water. It’s flavored with cane sugar and bitter almond extract.

Cut in cubes.

Serve chilled.

Let’s add a typical seasonal Chinese fruit : litchi.

Mizuna night pizza

A random dinner pizza…
The home-bakery made the dough with rice bran and olive oil added to the flour.

I garnished with what I needed to use in the fridge : carrot slices (under), onion, tomato paste, mizuna greens, black olives, lardon bacon bits and silky tofu. To make it a ‘zza, tomato paste, salt, pepper, paprika powder, chili pepper seeds and olive oil.

After baking : more fresh leaves of mizuna with balsamico + olive oil dressing on top.
It was crispy under, rich in taste and the top texture was pleasantly creamy but much lighter on the stomach that if it had been cheese.
Yummy !

With the rest of dough, I made poppy seed buns :

A bunny’s dream cannelloni

Cannelloni filled with grated carrots for a Spring gratin. The volume is huge but there are a lot of vegetables so it’s very light, easy to eat. The perfect balance.

Lots of carrots…

But not only. I made half with azuki beans, carrots, garlic, chili. And half with chicken liver, carrots, black pepper, Sichuan pepper.

Lots of bell peppers and carrots on top.

Covered with brown sauce (beef stew leftover), ready to be baked.

That’s not so dry, all the juice is under.

Sprinkled with paprika and a little olive oil.

Another version :

Green and white cannelloni with marjoram

Orange blossom chantilly yogurt, a cloud for strawberries

White fluffy feeling… So light !

1/3 of cream, 1/3 of yogurt and 1/3 of air…

Perfumed with eau de fleur d’oranger (orange blossom water). Sweetened with lakanto.

Miam…. pure bliss !