Rei-kishimen, fresh noodles for a tropical lunch


We are now having a nice Summer weather, as during official Summer, we were inside a sauna. So it’s ideal to lunch with rei men (chilled noodles) and enjoy hot weather fruits.
You don’t see the noodles ? It’s because they are hidden under.


They are kishimen, a type of flat udon particularly popular in Aichi, the region of Nagoya. (read more)
Served cold, they remind some white Chinese noddles they serve in Pekin’s streets.


Salmon slices ready for sashimi (it has to be frozen, don’t forget if the fishmonger didn’t do it).


Ceviche : I just covered with kabosu citrus juice cut at 50% with water, kabosu zest, a little sea salt. Let only a few minutes. The more you wait, the more your fish will be cooked.


My grandma’s technique to cut parsley thinly (yep, with scissors).


4 layers :
-a bed of grated cucumbers and minced parsley, slightly salted and later pressed to get out excess water
kishimen noodles, boiled, refreshed in iced water
-onion slices (salted, let, rinsed) and kikuna chrysanthemum greens
-salmon kabosu ceviche


Mix and you have a very fresh salad meal.


Dragon fruit and litchis for dessert. Natto-wasabi as a side :



Asian breakfast : salmon okayu


Second morning of okayu rice porridge with the leftover cooke for the umeboshi okayu


The base is the same : brown rice + cooked aka endomame red peas + a little salt.


Grilled salted salmon.


With the salmon, I’ve toasted a few abura age (fried tofu). To make croutons for a Fall salad, with figs :


The fish on top of the rice, with sesame seeds and shikwasa lime.


Bayonesa angel hair pie, with yuzu.

When it’s good…

… you repeat the recipe. I made the bayonesa recently. Here already a new variation.

Let’s sacrifice one more togan (wax squash).

…and a green yuzu

Green yuzu flavored cabello de ángel (angels’ hair jam).

Yes, you’ve seen that decoration before…

Mmmm… I’ll make some again… and again.

Yellossimo egg and rice

Overdose of yellow… rice, eggs, flowers…
For some weird reason, in this season I like yellow food. Maybe that’s the colour of the sunlight now. Last year I had a yellow series too :

Yellow peaches

Shan tofu

Sweet potato butter cake


Genmai brown rice, stir-fried with onions, green hot chili, turmeic, cardamom…

The rest of my edible flowers.

Into the cooked rice.

In the wok, cooked simultaneously : eggs.

Shikwasa lime, from Okinawa. If you wonder how I recognize the green Japanese citrus, green yuzu, kabosu, sudachi and this one… well I don’t. Size and color are slightly different usually, not always. Idem for the color. Well, they are very nice in shops and at markets, they put labels. But once you can cut them, the characteristic of each appear. Flavors are totally distinguishable.

So I added shiwasa juice and skin to the rice and shiso flowers on the eggs.
Delicious mix !

Soupe du jour : avocat fantaisie

The daily soup is a mix of veggie, creamed by avocado. As usual, quick, simple, cooked and raw.

Cooked : broccoli stalks, kabocha pumpkin skin (as flesh was used).
Steamed : shishito
Raw : lime flesh and juice, mizuna leaves, natural sea salt

All that in the blender. Then decorate…

A (steamed) shishito (lion pepper). A sweet pepper.

Avocado, coated with lime juice.

A butterfly of red sweet pepper and the skin of the lime.
That was delicious.
I should have smoothed and leveled it more for the photo. Sorry.

But… there is a but. These kind of avocado soups are very popular over the web. Some people seem to have them daily. I wouldn’t do it. It is not easy on the stomach. And I used only 1/2 small avocado. So as a lunch, on occasions, in small servings.

Dill lime salad

A simple weekday meal, with dill for the flavor, lime for freshness and a little sea salt. I really love this flavor.

Raw and green.

Seared and golden. In a pan without oil, just a few minutes.


Frozen, it is defrosting directly in the plate.

Drizzle over the juice of lime, sprinkle salt and you have a healthy gourmet salad, with lots of proteins.

Cal 283 F15.9g C19.9g P24.9g

No-rules no-cooking dinner for hot weather (yeah !)…

The weather was cold this year and suddenly, it’s like Summer… OK, that doesn’t look like a dinner. I wanted something fresh. No cooking required, just adding things.

Mizuna leaves, mango, purple flower beans, lime (fruit and juice), white ribbons of sashimi konnyaku, petals of carnations, pepper…

Fresh dessert.
Sweet tofu and (frozen) blueberries. The hand-made momen tofu (“cotton”) is irregular. After pressing out the water, vanilla extract and the juice of blueberries can get inside. I have sweetened the juice with a little kurozato (black sugar), and the berries with “lakanto” natural sweetener.

Cal 362 F7.9g C56.7g P19.8g

Le tofu imbibe du jus de bleuets :