First Spring roll of the year, in pastel tones…

Easy lunch to maintain the Spring mood… in mid-Winter.

Rice paper garnished with red cabbage, bean sprouts, Spring onion and shrimps.


Roll and enjoy !

Dip into Thai sweet chili sauce and sesame.

Agar du jour : mousse de vin

Wine mousse. Simple and refreshing.

Red wine, lakanto sweetener, agar. The block of agar jelly into the blender becomes this cream/foam.

Very refreshing but I need a very small serving. I don’t know why but the heat amplificates the strength of alcohol for me, so at 33 deg Celsius, 1 glass becomes like 3 glasses. Next time, I will give a boil to the wine (it’s raw here).

Agar du jour : 3 textures for a belle-hélène

Another version of agar jelly made with pear, vanilla, chocolate flavors inspired by the classic poire belle-hélène.
Yes, I’m agar addicted. For those that don’t follow, I explain it again. This seaweed has a fiber that is a great digestion regulator especially in hot weather. So it’s good to eat a small amount most days.

Firm cubes of pear juice and lemon juice. Pear juice is bottled, we don’t have the pears yet.

A fresh cream, strongly vegetal made of sily tofu, coconut butter , vanilla essence.

Cocoa mass, simply melt.
Well, a nice Summer dessert.

Soupe du jour : Vert de poireau

As casual and easy as a soupe du jour (daily soup). Green of leek flavor.

Slow-cooked part : the greens of leek and daikon radish. Raw, that was extremely bitter, but after a long low heat simmering…mmm… Just forget it on the stove.

Secret seasoning : white miso, naturally sweet. It’s salty too.

Raw addition : juiced spinach.
Topping : roast almonds.

It’s filling, the volume is huge (maybe 1 liter) but it’s not caloric. Don’t forget to eat something more.
Cal 103.5 F2.4g C19.9g P4.8g