Nutty truffles

These chocolate truffes are special, different. They are not so melty and creamy. The taste is chocolate and very nutty. They don’t need refrigeration and won’t weight on your stomach. You could enjoy a ton of them… Oh, that’s not the goal.

Roast sesame seeds, mill them into butter, add pure cocoa as much of possible.

Then wet with a little brandy. Form truffles, wet again with brandy, let them absorb it, roll in cocoa. Sugar is optional.

I prefer making them small and presenting them by pair.

My pumpkin pie fix

These sweet pumpkin pies are all over the web, so I ended up craving for one. I have never eaten an American pumpkin pie, so I have no idea about the taste and texture, and I’m not sure I’d love it. So I was idealizing my pie as a crunchy and nutty cup, filled with fruity kabocha and overflowing light fluffy cream…

Crust : oat and white sesame, a little sugar. It’s prebaked.
Filling : Cream cheese, (veg) cream, sugar and spices with pasted freshly kabocha. It’s 90% kabocha.





Black sesame waffle and carob mousse

Two opposed textures and tastes. Crispy, nutty, salty. Silky, chocolatey, sweet.

Plus a few sour strawberries. All that is simple and quick to prepare. Just mix.

50/50 flour and ground black sesame seeds, a little baking powder, salt. water. Of course, cook that in a waffle-maker.
That gives a very nutty waffle.

Silky tofu, caroub , cinnamon, very little kurozato black sugar, a little water, in the blender.

Macashew brownies

I don’t know if Americans would recognize their brownies. These are good for me, not very sweet. There are different tastes for different people.

I’ve seen many versions of tofu brownies, I improvised one with what I had in stock : 1/2 block of tofu (200 gr) into the mortar, lots of non sweet cocoa powder, 2 tbs cane sugar, 1 tbs of instant coffee, 3 or 4 tablespoons of flour, 2 tbs of tahin (sesame butter), 2 tbs of brandy, enough water to get a cream texture.

Garnished with macadamia and cashew nut mix and cocoa mass chips, roughly crushed. Baked on the automatic program.
That gives very chocolaty bits, ideal to savor with coffee.

Confiture d’aubergine à la cannelle (cinnamon eggplant jam)

There are many types of aubergine jam from all the countries around the Mediterranean sea. Some are more or less chunky, differently flavored.

Aubergines take a fruity “plum” flavor, nothing bizarre at all. You can have it on your breakfast toasts.

Mine is chunky, soft and not overly sweet.

Low-sugar jam :

-cut in cubes 2 whole Japanese aubergines, cover with 4 tbs of sugar, water, a stick of sweet cinnamon and 1/5 ts of alum (optional)*. Heat slightly, make sure everything is dissolved.
-Let a few hours. Re-heat a little and turn the chunks. Let overnight. The next day, the cubes should be all colored.
-Simmer and stir till the aubergine gets the softness you want. Add sugar to taste. Complete with water to bring the liquid to one 1 cup in volume. Add “instant agar powder”, the dose to make jelly for 1/2 cup, bring to boil. Take away the cinnamon.
-Transfer to cleaned jars.
It can be stored a few days in the fridge.

Note : Alum, called “yaki myouban” is sold in any supermarket here in Japan). The alum serves to acidify and retain the blue color. If you don’t use it you can replace by lemon juice. But don’t add acid to the alum or you lose the blue. How I know ? I tried another time.