Putting wine in my ratatouille…


OK, not really what the title says. That’s a fish and veggie lunch.


I did have some ratatouille veggies as a base : aubergine, bell pepper, onion.


I had some lesser cuts of mackerel, what is left with the spine after they take the sushi blocks. There is still something to eat on the frame. I put them in a pan with a cut onion, 3 glasses of red wine, a little soy sauce and kurozato (black sugar). Let reduce.
Added steamed aubergine and cut bell pepper. Simmered a few minutes :


Done !


Served. It’s very juice, so that goes well with potatoes.


Boiled, then mashed, flavored with salt, pepper, chili and olive oil.



Saba no misoni (miso mackerel)



鯖の味噌煮 saba no misoni, mackerel simmered in miso.
Mackerel is a smelly fish, isn’t it ? Not in this recipe. The rich sauce perfectly show-cases this rich fish.


I first bring to boil 1/2 cup of sake with a few slices of ginger and a piece of chili pepper. On low hear, add the fish, cover. When the fish is done, add 1 tbs of miso, 1/2 tbs of brown sugar, simmer a little.


Serve with fresh ginger on top.


Renkon, lotus root. It’s a common vegetable in Asia. It is sold fresh or pre-boiled. That’s very different.


It has to be well washed, peeled. Then you can cook like a carrot, in multiple ways.


I stir-fried it. I sprinkled on it sudachi lime juice, and cut skin of sudachi.


4 sides : steamed green peppers,
wakame konnyaku with fresh wasabi,
suimono (soup of shiitake mushroom,
hijiki seaweed and goji berries),
silky tofu.


A multi-dish quick lunch.



Fish in salad


A fresh one dish meal.


A leftover of saba (macquerel) in the freezer. I’ve steamed and let cool, then took out the bones but I let the skin.


Boiled potatoes, parsley, carrot, red onion.


Fragrant herb.


Mix, add wine vinegar, oil, a little water, salt, pepper. Mix. Let overnight.


Serve with thyme. Mmmmm….


Moonlight fish and sky bean rice : shio-yaki saba and sora-mame gohan


The moon is announcing rain ?
Let’s grill moon colored fish…
Soramame (sky bean) is the Japanese name of broad beans (favas).


In the rice cooker : soaked rice, a 1 tbs of mirin and the skins of the beans. So the rice is nicely flavored. Then I take away the skins and replaces with the green inside, add a pinch of salt, and let a few minutes in the steam.
My rice looks… dirty ? Well, it’s not white, it’s polished germinated rice, a healthier version of white rice.


The flavor + the color !


Shio-yaki is so simple : salt and grill. It’s saba (mackerel) and its precious healthy omega.


Of course, 2 items for a Japanese dinner, that would be too sad.
The rest of the menu is in next post.


Maquereau au four – baked mackerel.



Spring is a bit this year. Let’s enjoy baked fish.


Okinawan yellow skin potatoes. New.


A bed of baked potatoes with a fragrance of white wine.


Tarragon brings an interesting flavor.


Cover with the mackerel (maquereau).



With a quick ciabatta.


Smiley cat arabesque greenling

Kistch inspiration to give a title to a post ? Que nenni ! The cat on my rice bowl is happy to see hokke, a sort of Northern Japan mackerel, and arabesque greenling
is the official English name of the fish.

It is salted fish… not totaly dried. They dip them in salty brine (like seawater) and dry one night only.
So no need to desalt, just grill it :

It’s really delicious, juicy and crispy. This one was huge.

Leafy daikon has small roots. Ideal item for the miso soup. As the fish is salty, I add very little miso.

The steamy soup… Well, a nice and easy Japanese meal. I’m a smiley cat today.

Naniwa-mae sushi (Osaka style)

I think this style is less known outside Japan. Well, I should travel around the world to check and be sure.
What you see everywhere with sashimi on hand-shaped nigiri is called Edo-mae sushi . Yedo, or Edo is the old name of Tokyo. Osaka had another, older style of sushi, and an old name : Naniwa. That said, it’s just Osaka sushi. Naniwa-mae is for the sake of parody…

Unagi, eel, grilled in kabayaki sauce.
The legend says it started this way. At the market they were selling the grilled eels. To prolong their shelf lives, they were displaying the fish on rice, so it didn’t dry. From that, over the years … they added vinegar and flavoring to the rice. Some started to eat the set. It became this sushi. I added black sesame to my sushi rice today.

Shime-saba is the second classic.

Saba, mackerel is cured with salt and rice vinegar.

Oboro kombu in the middle.

It’s made with seaweed.
BTW, a very informative page in English about kombu seaweed. I don’t know them nor the products they sell, the “encyclopedia” part is well made.
Kombu seaweed encyclopedia.

I like those with kinome.

And these with raw ginger.