Causa maki. Lima-Osaka fusion.


A Japanese-Peruvian fusion. Causa rellena the Peruvian, stuffed mashed potato, and makizushi the sushi rolled in nori seaweed.




And that rocks. Of course, since the success of the food chain Nobu, Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine is famous over the world. Except here actually. There are many Peruvian residents (mostly people with Japanese origins that got a visa to come over the 80’s), but few Peruvian eateries and these tend to propose purely Peruvian dishes they may be nostalgic about, not a mix. That makes sense.


Normally you need yellow potatoes. I colored some with turmeric, flavored with grated onion, habanero chili powder, salt and grated onion. Let that chill a few hours.


Red onion : cut, salted, let a while, rinsed.


Then carrot, negi leek greens and avocado.


Rolled on a sheet of nori. That would need more support than a rice roll, so I’ll use 2 layers of nori next time but that was the last one.
Cut. I’ve eaten them like that, with nothing added, they were very tasty.



3 simple sushi

A sushi lunch. Whole and basic.

The rice is genmai (brown rice), simply flavored. This first is a makizushi filled with goya bitter squash, wrapped in nori.

Ginnan (ginkgo nut) and natto.

They are the fruits of ginkgo tree, that I always mispell. They are gathered and cleaned Autumn (the outer part stinks, really).

I broke the shell, took it away, boiled the nuts and took out the little skin. It’s also possible to slightly break the shell and then roast them. They have to be eaten in small amounts to avoid toxicity. Well 4 is OK.

Natto sesame. It’s an uramaki, with the rice rolled around.

With wasabi and pickled ginger. Soy sauce too. Served with sencha green tea.

Salmon makizushi menu

Here is the meal around this super-healthy roll sushi (made here) with Hokkaido salmon, negi and brown rice.

Of course, I’ve sliced the maki (roll) and served with soy sauce to dip. Then 2 hot day sides :

I have a pot of red shiso… that I don’t water enough. Well, it survived so far. Umeboshi pickled plums are colored and flavored with this shiso.

The sauce is a pasted umeboshi and rice vinegar. On grated daikon. Shiso leaves to pinpoint the ume flavor. That’s all.

That’s simple, easy. That’s also deliciously fragrant and refreshing.

Chilled soup : dashi broth, ice cubes, wakame seaweed, soy sauce, sesame and dry chili.

Enjoy this cool Summer lunch !
Mmmmmmm…. umai !

Hatsuga genmai maki, healthy sushi

I don’t make sushi so often, but there are a few on this blog :
sushi compil’

Today’s is a health bomb. The rice is super healthy hatsuga genmai (germinated). And it’s garnished with Hokkaido salmon, full of the good omega fats.

First, I have germinated brown rice :

After 24 hours in this heat. To know more and make yours easily :
Hatsuga genmai, germinated rice.

In the rice-cooker with kombu seaweed.

I have made wind with the fan when I’ve added rice vinegar and sea salt. My rice is so glossy now.

Steamed salmon.

Rolled on nori seaweed, with wasabi and negi leeks.
Confession : I put 3 layers of nori. I adore nori, there is never too much. I can eat the leaves like that, like crackers.

See next post for serving.

North North West, eating the Ehomaki sushi in 2012 (Japanese Spring Festival)

Setsubun is today ! For this Spring festival, all Japan throw beans and eats ehomaki (horoscope sushi).

Previous Setsubun posts.


Every year, we eat them in a different direction. And I have a branch of holy on my table… I don’t know why. There is tradition surely, but I have no idea. I have research.

This year : shiitake mushrooms, shrimps, nanohana (rape greens), shiso leaves, kombu seaweed, spicy tarako fish eggs.

I made a leek tamago-yaki rolled omelet and bought bonito “tataki” (broiled around, raw inside).

Making the maki-zushi. Rice cooked with kombu seaweed. Black sesame sushi rice. Many items in the roll…

Eat one without cutting it, while facing the good direction.

This year it’s North North East.
Eaten ! Let’s have a year of happiness… More about Setsubun in next posts :

Setsubun grilled fish