Moonlight fish and sky bean rice : shio-yaki saba and sora-mame gohan


The moon is announcing rain ?
Let’s grill moon colored fish…
Soramame (sky bean) is the Japanese name of broad beans (favas).


In the rice cooker : soaked rice, a 1 tbs of mirin and the skins of the beans. So the rice is nicely flavored. Then I take away the skins and replaces with the green inside, add a pinch of salt, and let a few minutes in the steam.
My rice looks… dirty ? Well, it’s not white, it’s polished germinated rice, a healthier version of white rice.


The flavor + the color !


Shio-yaki is so simple : salt and grill. It’s saba (mackerel) and its precious healthy omega.


Of course, 2 items for a Japanese dinner, that would be too sad.
The rest of the menu is in next post.


Papillote de poisson vanillée – vanilla cream fish papillote

It’s a creamy fish papillote, but a fragrance of vanilla fills the air of its sweetness.

Sweet too, the fresh green peas.

In rice.

Let’s make a papillote :

Cod fish, with sweet paprika powder. Veggies are onion, celery, sweet corn, bell peppers. I “tamed” the onion by cutting it in advance and salting. After 30 minutes I rinsed. The onion is then very sweet. The sauce is a tbs of cream, salt, pepper, more paprika and vanilla essence. That’s what changes everything. Vanilla flavor brings you under the palm tree, on some island full of huge flowers…

Packed. Baked.

Opened. Miam !

Steamed hakusai (napa cabbage).