Tofu in mandarin orange red wine creamy sauce

I recommend this recipe ! The sauce is rich, creamy and emanates a fragrance of citrus. On hot tofu, that brings warmth like a log burning in the fireplace.

Sometimes, I’m super proud of my *inventions* because it’s really delicious. I don’t mean it’s bad usually, no, I eat good, but you sometimes find something really different. And that happened today.
Of course I have not invented the wheel nor the tofu. I met that white wine and neri goma (sesame) sauce at the sesame cooking class. Then I’ve changed it all, so it’s my recipe now. And yours if you adopt it…

It looks like Christmas market’s hot wine. I refried cut onions, 1/2 dry chili and some dry mikan orange peels. I keep it on a basket when I eat fresh ones. The dry orange peel is a condiment in Asia and also in Provence, for la daube, the wine meat stew. I’ve added :
1 cup of red wine,
2 cups of water,
1 tbs of thick soy sauce,
2 tbs of mirin (you can replace by a little sugar)

Make sesame cream : toast 1/2 cup of sesame seeds, and “juice” them in the blender into 2 cups of this cream.

When the sauce is reduced to 25%, add the “cream”, the cube tofu and simmer gently to reheat. I had more mikan peel too.

Serve with brown rice and steamed komatsuna greens.

Mmm… I could say that’s the ultimate tofu. Actually, the sauce is so good that it could go well with anything.

Pure mousse au chocolat

Just eggs and pure cacao are needed to make a mousse au chocolat.

Cocoa mass. 100% cocoa.

Basic pure chocolate mousse :

1 egg,
same weight of chocolate

Melt the cocoa chips or broken bits.
Beat egg white.
Add a little water to the chocolate and mix in the egg yolk.
Add delicately the white.
Wait 2 hours to 1 night.

Then :

You can take a more elaborated chocolate, add sugar and replace the liquid.

Mousse au chocolat et a l’orange.
With Grand-Marnier and orange flavored sugar syrup. Decorated with mandarine peels (cooked in syup).

Orange version, with 1 egg (makes 2 servings) :
Cal 370 F26.0g C23.7g P11.1g