A grilled fish lunch.


Sanma (mackerel pike) is one of my preferred Japanese fish. Ideal for Summer.


Too long for my oven-toaster, I cut them. I simply empty, rinse, sprinkle natural salt and grill shio-yaki.


Summer kabocha pumpkin. I cut slices, steamed them till 3/4 cooked and grilled with the fish. Rice and white cucumber (salted, let 15 minutes, rinsed) are the other savory sides.


Dessert : Mango ice cream (frozen mango + coconut cream in the blender, frozen again).


Electrolyte refill smoothie


When it’s hot, we sweat a lot and lose water. And we also eliminate precious elements, electrolyte or ions, whatever sports drink maker call them. We don’t need to buy their powders to replace them. Let’s get all the nutrients with a natural drink.


Moloheya (molokhia), this herb has a jelly texture like okra (gumbo), and that comes with the property of maintaining hydration. Like those sports gels.


It’s a smoothie of frozen banana (for its carbs and potassium) , molokhia and a little lemon juice. Now we need sodium ? Well on the glass.


I know the color is not superb, but the taste is very fruity, the texture deliciously creamy and it’s very efficient.


Sweet corn masala and tartelette a la mangue


A fusion version of the Indian dal masala (lentil curry). Really quick and easy. And a gorgeous dessert.


Stir-fried sweet corn with green soy beans and onion, The spices are a dal masala mix and turmeric.


Added enoki mushrooms, and some greens (umaina). A little lemon juice.


The earthiness of the soy beans.


The sweet freshness of corn.


With leftovers of dough for the gâteaux basques, I baked the crust of a tartelette and a few cookies. On the crust, big dices of mango. Plus a pinch of ground salt and hot chili. You have to try that, just a pinch on mango, and it enhances spectacularly the flavor of a fruit that is already delicious.
Great dessert.



Mango coconut restaurant millefeuille

Even if it’s not exactly restaurant grade for the shape, the freshness and the taste are here !

Yummmm…. fingerlickungud…
What make it a restaurant millefeuille is it’s prepared last minute, on the plate. The concept is different from the take out millefeuille, prepared advance by the baker. The plated version plays more on freshness.

Coconut milk and cream custard, vanilla flavored.

I’ve let it creamy and very soft.

A red mango, on sale because it’s super ripe.

Lots of fibers, but they are soft and it’s delicious, super fragrant.

Quick pastry dough.

Baked just before.

So let’s compose it : still hot pastry cookies, fresh coconut cream, mango cubes.

Finish touch : dry coconut flakes.

Kabocha waffles, and mango

I’ve broken my big kabocha pumpkin for today’s waffles.

It’s 2 or 3 times bigger than average ones.

I ate the with mango and green lemon, and a coffee.

That’s bread batter with kabocha boiled flesh. On top, cinnamon, nutmeg, broken cardamom seeds, kurozato black sugar.

Mmmm… the inside is very soft.

Crepe day : pale sun thick crepes

Spring…not yet. It’s snowing outside. Snowing on my crepes. The Sun is very week. I still celebrate the Chandeleur and flip my crepes.

To get a thick soft crepe, use twice as much of batter and cook it on low heat, longly. Japanese crepes are nearly always super thick and soft, and totally white, served cold. These are served hot.
I perfumed the batter with vanilla and rum, and replaced the milk by water and condensed milk. Dessert crepes.

Plus fruits from the sun mikan mandarin oranges, mango (frozen), and kumquats for their skin.

Plus a ts of condensed milk, and coconut flakes.

Tea du jour : oat cinnamon scones with mango

Rustic scones with spicy sweetness. That’s a healthy version, perfect for a week-day tea.

Divine with mango raw jam.

Easy like a scone.

Whisk together powdered oatmeal, about half the same volume amount of flour, a little baking powder, a pinch of salt, Ceylon cinnamon. Pour a few tbs of olive oil, whisk to get a sandy texture. Add water to get a very gooey mix, stir with the spoon. Stir in a few oat meal flakes. Drop on a floured dish. Turn 2 or 3 times to get a layer of 2 cm of thickness, spread a few more flakes on top. Cut scones with a knife and put them on a baking sheet (no need to grease it).

Bake 10~12 minutes at about 200 C. When they are cooked, the crust is hard and makes a hollow sound when you tick it with a nail. Spread lots of cinnamon and a little nutmeg on top. Serve warm.

If you don’t care about the shape, you can make some small rounds of dough with the spoon.
You can make them gluten free, if you don’t add flour. That works too.

Texture of a soft moist bread. The crust is not hard like bread but slightly crispy.

The mango “raw jam” is fresh mango pasted with a fork and revived with a little lemon juice.