Strawberry bubble milk, without berries nor milk

Dark day. Storms are waiting to burst. Let’s have a little fun and something sweet.
It’s magical, everything is made from dry pantry items.

I’ve made the soy milk (easy recipe here).

And with that I’ve strawberry customized my tapioca.
Boil tapioca as needed, rinse, put in a bowl with 1/2 cup water, strawberry essence, sugar to taste, the red coloring. Cover. Let overnight in the fridge.

Tatata da !

It’s pink and it tastes of strawberry… candies. Not very natural.

Put bubbles in a bowl.

Pour soy milk, slightly sweetened and vanilla flavored. Not outside, if you can avoid…

Isn’t that cute ? That’s really good. Maybe don’t mix in advance as the tapioca could give back its coloring into the milk.

Fierce lawyer, féroce d’avocat

Even if “féroce” is fierce and the French for lawyer is “avocat”, I don’t think the dish was named from there. It’s most likely an allusion to the fierce hotness of the chili.
It’s a specialty from the French Antilles islands (Caribbeans).

There are variations of the recipe. The principle is to make a puree of avocado, morue (salted cod fish), hot chili pepper and manioc. Not necessarily in equal proportion, as some people want less chili, some more even I have not met anyone like that so far.

I soaked the salted fish in several baths, then grilled it in the oven-toaster and torn it apart, taking away the bits of bones.

Avocado (and a little shikwasa lime juice), a chili, a chive (kujo negi).
If you don’t get the manioc from your garden, Antillese grocery stores have some powdered ready to use manioc, perfect for this recipe. If you don’t have such stores…
So I have used Asian tapioca starch that I baked in the oven toaster to cook it, then wet with coconut milk, let it sit a while before mixing in.

The mixture is usually smoother. It can be made dryer with more manioc and shaped in balls to take with a toothpick. That depends if you want it as an appetizer or a dish. That was a meal, so I wanted it chunky and kept bits of fish and avocado to add in later.

The chili can be proposed as a topping if you are not sure about how much fierceness the guests can enjoy.
Serve with a ti’punch. Well, sweet white wine was well today.

To complete the feast, something neither fat nor salty… Small sweet potatoes.

Miam miam !

Bubbly grapes

Fruity dessert. Table grapes tend to be very sweet. I don’t really appreciate them because it’s too much for me. Unless I mix them with something neutral. to dilute sweetness.

Delaware grapes, produce of Osaka. Very cold.


Jumbo size tapioca. After cooking and rinsing, let overnight in colored water with a little strawberry essence.

Mix and enjoy ! Fun to eat and delicious.

Verrine of the blue lagoon

A ultra-extra-super-refreshing delicious verrine.

Spirulina tapioca floating over spicy avocado softcream.

To make the cream : half-frozen avocado, ice-cubes, vinegar, onion, salt and a few drops of Louisiana hot chili sauce… in the blender.

The spirulina tapioca was not meant to frighten my readers. Or maybe it was, after all.

“Si vous n’êtes pas capables d’un peu de sorcellerie, ce n’est pas la peine de vous mêler de cuisine…” Colette

Colette, the famous writer said that : “If you are not able to do a little witchcraft, you have no business at cooking…”

Oki… no black magic. I simply used this spirulina “natural” food coloring :

I added to cooked tapioca (after it cooled a little) and let it overnight in the fridge. Any blue food coloring would work, I think.

A few shrimps wanted to swim here. Welcome !

Eat the 3 together : that’s as paradisiac as the colors !

Triple fruit coco-tapioca pudding, natural sweeteness of a South-Asian dessert without added sugar

When food brings tenderness. Tapioca, manioc is baby food. That was nice to be fed from a spoon by Mum, do you remember ? That’s also an Asian dessert basic.

The day before, I put goji berries to soak in water. I also boiled the tapioca, rinsed it with fresh water and covered with coconut milk… but the tapioca drunk the milk, and I got that pudding.

Fresh pinapple and frozen mango.

Goji berry like cherries on the cake. Ah, I’d eat some ! Well, I mean again as I ate it.

You never have enough coconut. Let snow some more…

Ficelle picarde et perles du Japon…

This gratin is a specialty from the Picardie region, in the North of France.

Good crepes, quite soft.

Filled with ham, and duxelle. The duxelle is a sauce made by simmering longly in butter mushrooms and shallot.

Gratineed with cheese and cream… I didn’t had much on top, just enough for the taste. That way I could eat 3.

Bonus : a first dish to warm you up…

Hot bubble tea. Well, it’s a soupe aux perles du Japon (Japanese pearl soup). Something Mum would often serve for dinner when we were kids.

Japanese pearls ? Actually, tapioca or manioc is an exotic product in Japan.

So start with a home-made (or not) chicken broth, left-overs of chicken meat from the bones, reheat with sauteed onions, thyme and hand-full of tapioca pearls to thicken it. Simmer till the “pearls” are transparent. Serve very hot !