Mouth refreshing “pickles”


They are not really pickles… but how to say ? Small bits siding a dish.


Eringi tsukemono.


Spicy tomato agar.


スダチ sudachi is a small green citrus from the area of Tokushima. It is thought to have lots of medicinal properties to fight diabetes and allergies. And it’s fragrant, fresh, delicious too.


Eringi mushroom.


Eringi tsukemono :
I’ve used only the stalks for this recipe. I sliced them thinly, mixed with the juice of a sudachi, its cut peel and a pinch of sea salt. Cover. Let 1 or 2 days in the fridge, mixing twice a day.


Tomato juice, salt, powdered jalapeno chili and agar. I have not used enough agar for a solid result (you have to follow the proportions on the package). It’s still good and refreshing, but I need a spoon to eat it. Ideally, you want to make cubes that can be grabbed with chopsticks or a fork.


Cilantro marinated cucumber, served 2 ways


Two version for a fresh veggie side. Lunch and dinner.


There were leftovers to use or lose. I’ve mixed these 3 and added a little Jalapeno Tabasco sauce. Let marinate in the fridge for the next day.


That’s fresh, hot and flavorful.


At lunch, I’ve added cherry tomatoes and…


…chips made with a broken tortilla, that I’ve toasted in a frying pan.


At night : added natto fermented soy beans and tenkasu (crumbs of tempura)



Pesto and pop Eden salad


That’s a pretty crunchy lunch. That’s all lightness but that was very filling. I don’t think these pink flowers are edible. They decorate South-Asian dish. Their presence gives a paradise dream touch to any dish. I picked a box on sale, and I’ve build my jungle around them.


Starting with a bunch of fresh basil.


Let’s pound a pesto in the mortar : basil, sesame, garlic, salt. Plus : olive oil, lemon juice.


Rosy spring cauliflower.


Other raw veggies : new onion, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, favas (broad beans).


The raw vegetables marinated one hour in the pesto.


Place the veggies on a bed of baby leaf salad and more basil leaves.


Add freshly roasted pop corn on top. Add flowers to decorate.



Tartare d’huitres au yuzu (French-Japanese oyster appetizer)

That looks so hip that you can’t guess what it is, like in those avant-garde restaurants that have done it for…ever. You have to pretend it’s new all the time. Well it’s marinated oysters with fresh veggies, and it’s yummy.

Japanese ingredients : small oysters and (blanched cooked) edamame beans.

Also white kabu (raw). And okra (gombo, blanched).

A fragrant yuzu lemon. I simply juiced the yuzu and added all the other ingredients diced. Mixed. Let a while in the fridge.

Serve in small amount as an appetizer, or with a toast or hot rice… well, that was a hot boiled potato.

Let’s make edamame pancakes

To bring some green and protein to veggie based brunch.

I had seen them on pinterest but the recipe was gluten free and full of weird substitute ingredients. So I put blanched one cup of edamame green soy beans into the blender, 1 cup of water, spices, baking powder and I eyeballed flour to get a classic pancake batter, about 3 round tbs.
Problem : That took ages to cook. That was too humid. So next time, I’ll make a thicker batter.

Mustard peas. Well, your yellow mustard paste is mustard seeds and turmeric powder. I stir-fried the snap peas with these 2 ingredients and some olive oil. I really love that.

Edamame, carrot ribbons, vinegared cabbage…

These mizu nasu aubergines can be eaten raw. I have marinated them in a sauce (in the blender : roasted sesame, miso, sugar, shishito green pepper, a little sugar). Some more shishito on top.