Maku-no-uchi pizza

Pizza marché du jour. Maku no uchi means “inside the basket”. That’s cooked with all the ingredients available today. You often see shops proposing maku no uchi bento with many different bits that change daily. Same concept for my pizza.

Pizza compilation

The season’s goodies. Shiitake mushrooms, a stalk of matsutake mushroom (you don’t see it), green and red sweet chili peppers, mizunasu (water aubergine) and herbs…

It’s the season of green and red hot chili. Really HOOOOT !
A little garlic is always welcome. Of course, there is tomato paste. I added a little cheese and olive oil.

Before/after baking.

Decorated with herbs from my “garden”. Sage, basil, and a little mint has reappeared, the big leaf is lemon balm.

Yummy ! Will I keep the last quarter for tomorrow ? What do you think ?

Savory porridge with surviving herbs

This season has its oats. With mushrooms, herbs and olive oil.

First I was craving for risotto. But I think that, unlike shiitake mushrooms or porcini, matsutake lose most flavor in long cooking. Oats get ready quicker.

Scottish oats are cooked with big chunks of matsutake mushroom.

Added my “garden” herbs. Sage and basil. They survived the hot Summer in a corner of the balcony. Now they taste great.

Finition : Grind black pepper and drizzle fragrant virgin olive oil on top !
That was delicious.

September teppan

End of Summer food. Mushrooms, corn cob…
It’s no longer so hot. We have a typhoon, that’s a semi-decent air-conditioning system that does not deal with humidity. So I took out my teppan (steel hot plate). Mine is in cast iron, I hear it on the induction stove :

Beef liver.

Matsutake mushrooms. It’s easy : slice and grill. Season as you wish with sudachi lemon and salt.

I’ve grilled the corn in its original natural packaging, under the grill.

Champignon de luxe

Matsutake mushrooms. That’s the king of Japanese mushroom. One of the few really strongly flavored.

With pine branches*.Matsu is the Japanese pine. The mushroom comes from the forest. It’s rare. Very expensive.
Imports from China (like here) or South Korea are cheaper. From North Korea… well, they don’t deliver, but I was told they made you a real bargain price.
But really, the nice and huge Japanese wild matsutake reach high prices.

*these branches are NOT matsu pine at all. LOL. Any green branch does the trick as decoration.

As the 2 have the same season, come from the same woods and tastes go well together, the matsutake are sold with sudachi lemons.

How to eat them ? There are so many possibilities.

A classic : teppan-yaki, grilled on hot-plate. They are served with sudachi lemons, of course.

When you have great ingredients, simpler is better. Well, for the broken bits and the stalks, you can make a little more elaborate cooking :

Matsutake kayaku gohan

Matsutake ponzu sauce.

for moffle

for mizunasu aubergine


A heart shaped yakitori lunch.
Tori is bird, yakitori is grilled chicken, the generic name for the Japanese small chicken skewers. All parts are used. You can grill on a brasero, if you have. I use the oven toaster for my individual y-t.

Before you saw yakitori (click on text) :
with negi leeks


DSC03852-001salt grilled tsukune (meatballs)

DSC03902-001sauce tsukune

DSC03889-001sesame tsukune


Today chicken hearts. They are opened flat on small skewers.
You have 2 options :

Shio-yaki. Salt grilled. Just sprinkle coarse natural sea salt, then grill.

In sauce. You can buy a yakitori sauce if you like buying stuff. Or simmer a little soy sauce with mirin, sugar or honey (or a mix) and add a very small amount of starch if you wish it was thicker.
Coat your skewer in that sauce. Start grilling. Paint again with sauce. Finish grilling.

The 2 types.

On the table, also serve the rest of sauce, and shichimi togarashi (7 spice mix), on a side plate. For more flavor, you can dip the skewers before eating. Or not. The flavor of the grilled meat is enough.

Heart color side : salsa soup. Tomato juice, Louisiana chili, tomatillos, green pepper.

Tomatillos would not float (unless supported by green pepper or their “package”. They fell in the bottom of the soup.

Matsutake kayaku gohan. Flavored rice. In the rice cooker, I added soy sauce, mirin, spinach stalks and matsutake mushrooms (sliced stalks). For the color, I mix in spinach leaves at the end. It’s genmai, brown rice here.

You can see a bit of mushroom. Add an apple for dessert, and you have eaten, and well.