Grilled cauliflower


Simple and delicious grilled veggie meal with a fresh fougasse bread.


Sliced Spring cauliflower and onion, painted with olive oil. Salt, pepper.


Roasted 15 minutes under the grill.


Sprinkle paprika on top. Serve with edamame for more proteins …


…and baby leaf salad.


The dressing is leftover of Korean pancake dipping sauce (soy sauce, black rice vinegar, chili peppers, onion…).
The bread is in another post.



Pesto and pop Eden salad


That’s a pretty crunchy lunch. That’s all lightness but that was very filling. I don’t think these pink flowers are edible. They decorate South-Asian dish. Their presence gives a paradise dream touch to any dish. I picked a box on sale, and I’ve build my jungle around them.


Starting with a bunch of fresh basil.


Let’s pound a pesto in the mortar : basil, sesame, garlic, salt. Plus : olive oil, lemon juice.


Rosy spring cauliflower.


Other raw veggies : new onion, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, favas (broad beans).


The raw vegetables marinated one hour in the pesto.


Place the veggies on a bed of baby leaf salad and more basil leaves.


Add freshly roasted pop corn on top. Add flowers to decorate.



Poulet frites, a basic French meal

There are people that eat always the same things in France too. The poulet-frite people are many. Roasted chicken and fries. Most chicken love it. Grown-up kids too. So me too !

Honey chicken (recipe here) flavored with fresh thyme and laurel, fresh from a friend’s garden.

Golden and sweet.

Home-made fries are the best.

Golden and crispy.

Mesclun (baby leaves) with a tarragon vinaigrette. So we’ve eaten our greens.

Black lights

Rule 1 : don’t take a photo with insufficient light
Rule 2 : don’t use artificial light

Rule 3 : only natural colors, vivid colors
Rule 4 : make square photos to fit main portals

Commercial break :
The menu… there is tofu with l.o. of mango blueberry salsa. Soba noodles with black natto and wasabi. Mesclun (baby salas mix) with pink okras. 100 year eggs with shichimi-togarashi 7 spice mix, young ginger and sesame oil. Broth (from boiling soba) with wakame seaweed and sesame.

Rule 5 : show only consensual food that would please a fussy teenager
Rule 6 : get rid of all those shadows, reflect the light blah blah

Rule 7 : no close-ups
Rule 8 : buy a SLR camera, gadzillion gadgets, photo softwares

Rule 9 : show expensive tableware (only once per item) on 8/9th of the photo. 1/9th for the food is perfectly enough
Rule 10 : spend 4 hours arranging your food like an ikebana, 4 hours taking one perfect photo

Rule 11 : text-image balance. Only one photo of the food. And a Martha Stewardess format recipe, even if it’s your 20th recipe of instant oats soaked in cold water.
Rule 12 : get pro training, take an agent, build your brand like a celeb

Rule 13 : serve all your meals in your stylish castle, at 7 a.m. (best light) so you can enjoy dinner at 11 a.m.
Rule 14 : follow the standard strictly otherwise blog police will arrest you.

Don’t look for philosophy in it. Just the feeling that those guideline push everybody into the same cookie cutter. Also I think that either it’s a job or a hobby. Surely, one can learn a little more technique. Or a learn everything in my case. Or it’s possible to fight the race to get more and more readers. But there is no point in it for small bloggers.
For me, it’s a little hobby. A daily relaxation. Like taking 5 minutes to arrange my meal. Just the fun to take 5 minutes per meal to shoot photos -no longer otherwise the food goes bad.
And frankly the perfect mood of my meal is reflected by this bad photo :

Composition de salade

Une petite salade composee.

Season greens : mesclun (baby leaves), goya bitter squash and nashi pear.

Vinaigrette : onion, Italian parsley, olive oil, raspberry vinegar, salt and pepper.

Poached egg, with paprika.

The croutons are toasted cubes of home-made sesame bread.

Cal 320.2 F11.7g C45.1g P13.8g