Le Nancy. Grandma’s so soft chocolate cake.


Gâteau au chocolat de Nancy

Nancy, the city.
Lorraine has two capital cities. The real one and the fake one that pretends. Well, I know which is real but that’s not the topic.
The situation has advantages. The region has two iconic traditional chocolate cakes. One for Metz, one for Nancy.

Gâteau de Metz


Gâteau de Nancy

The official recipe.
My proportions : 2 eggs, 60 g each for chocolate and butter, 1 tbs each for cocoa and flour, 1 ts sugar.



Gâteau au chocolat rétro

Gâteau au chocolat de Metz. Original version.

Once upon a time, chocolate cakes had a golden skin…

…and a fluffy tiger dot flesh.

The chocolate of that time was different, that’s why. Chocolate was not sweet and would not melt. So you can enjoy the contrast of dark bitterness and soft creamy cake.

I see eggs everywhere. Maybe Easter is coming soon…