Chocolats au caramel salé (melty salty fudge choco sweets)


Decadent simplicity. Dark bitter chocolate filled with a soft salted butter caramel paste.


Tant pour tant, equal weight.
(1 : 1 : 1) sugar : cream : salted butter.
Melt the sugar into blond caramel, add in the warmed cream. Remove from stove, add butter. Let cool and whip.

Recipe credit : Catherine H.


I’ve used chips of cocoa mass (100% cocoa), unsweeted, for a happy contrast of flavors, bitterness/sweeteness, textures.


Petits chocolats in 2 minutes

They are already selling the Valentine Day chocolates and chocolate-making equipment. I got those fancy individual silicone molds and played a little.

I’ve had a little fun, melting ordinary chocolate in the micro-wave, mixing in stuff. As you can see it’s a bit messy but that doesn’t matter when you take out the molds.

spicy orange stars : bitter chocolate, cocoa mass, mandarin orange zest, cinnamon and nutmeg.

hot ginger squares : bitter chocolate, cocoa mass, raw ginger cubes, habanero powder.

Both were delicious.

more chocolates

Nutty truffles

These chocolate truffes are special, different. They are not so melty and creamy. The taste is chocolate and very nutty. They don’t need refrigeration and won’t weight on your stomach. You could enjoy a ton of them… Oh, that’s not the goal.

Roast sesame seeds, mill them into butter, add pure cocoa as much of possible.

Then wet with a little brandy. Form truffles, wet again with brandy, let them absorb it, roll in cocoa. Sugar is optional.

I prefer making them small and presenting them by pair.

Ideas for a Sweet Xmas – Gâteaux de Noël

(Osaka cake)

You probably think I’m big fan of Christmas. Actually, I couldn’t care less, it’s only the bottom of the year, the time with the shortest days. What I really like is there are so many Christmas food, particularly sweets, from so many places.
It’s fun to try to make them.


Kurisumasu keeki 2012

charlotte kurisumasu keeki

rose cranberry panettone

Easy Yule logs :

bûche forêt noire

bûche aux marrons glacés

The tradition of Provence with the 13 desserts :

13 retro desserts

honey walnut iced nougat

These cakes are not only for this occasion, but many like to invite them :

snow flake cake

Marquises au chocolat

Gâteau Mont-Blanc antillais (coconut layered cake)

With the coffee, you need many mignardises :

Schwowebredele (the traditional Xmas cookie of Alsace, make them in many shapes and flavor)

black sugar nonnettes (yeast)
Mandarin orange nonnettes (baking powder)

Biscotti de Noël

Truffes au chocolat


Pâtes de fruit

Pralines au chocolat

Hot wine revisited :

jelly spiced wine pears

lait de poule (French eggnog)

This is what we have in Japan :

kurisumasu ke-ki (how to bake a Japanese Xmas cake)

Ichigo daifuku mochi (Winter wagashi)

kuri kinton (marron sweet)

Over the world :

Bibingka (Philippines)

Povitica (Slovenia)

home-made mandarin Stollen (Germany)

Chionoules or snowballs (Greece)


I have not made these two, I’ve just received them. The white is of course a German Stollen.

Berawecka (Alsacian “pear bread”, fruit cake). I’m very serious. It’s very healthy. It’s mostly made of fruit like those “health fruit bars” I see on many health blogs.

I had to check the quality. You want to know ? Of course, that’s totally decadent and not healthy at all. Mmmmm… Well, I’ll try to keep some for Christmas.

Gourmandises updated

The compilation “Desserts Francais – French Desserts” got a lifting… well for the photos. This is a popular post often revisited, so that was necessary. I hope you enjoy it.
Click here to read more.

Click here to read more.

Calissons câlins

It’s calissons in case you didn’t recognize.
This is the typical souvenir tourists buy in Aix-en-Provence. You don’t need to go there and to be a tourist to enjoy them. There are available everywhere in France. Not so much… well, not at all here.

They are made of almond, melon (could be orange, apricot), orange blossom water.
The commercial ones are more perfect (not hand-made) and last more. They are supported by a sheet of azim bread. The top is royal icing.
This is a simplified home-made version.

Candied melon (sweet dry melon).

Pasted with skinned raw almonds. Added a little bitter almond essence and orange blossom water.

Cut with a round plastic cup.

Covered with simple icing (confectionner sugar, Pastis anise liquor, lemon juice).

I made an experimental trial with roast almonds (dark ones). They are more nutty, good too, but different from the classic.

Oats and orange *florentines*, Grand-Marnier sour cream panna cotta

This month’s Daring Baker Challenge‘s topic is “Panna Cotta & Florentine Cookies”.

Mine is Grand-Marnier sour cream cotta topped with grapefruits, with orange oat florentines, coated in white chocolate.

See their recipes and other’s desserts here.

I am not really sure what a “florentine” or a “florentine cookie” means. I know what we call florentins in France. They are sweets like these :

The base is almond and orange peel. As the almonds and citrus produced or sold in Florence (Firenze) were very famous.
(more about *florentins* soon)

I have kept my florentin recipe and replaced almonds by oats to fit the challenge.

Cane sugar, honey… candied orange peel, oats.

With white or without chocolate coating.

Panna cotta is not my favorite dessert, but if it is flavored and made with good cream (=creme fraiche or sour cream), it can be good. I’ve used 1/3 of raw sour cream and Grand Marnier orange liquor instead of milk.

With grape-fruit. That’s a good balance.

Small plated version :

Other versions of panna cotta :

Vanilla panna cotta with raspberries
Rose petals panna cotta