Douceurs de beurre et marrons… (via GiO)

LY For chestnut lovers

Melty and simple kuri wagashi…Creme Mont-Blanc, parfum marron…

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La vraie creme Mont-Blanc de quand on etait petits. Na na nere ! (via Gourmande in Osaka)

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When I was a kid, there is a dessert that was very popular and
I liked a lot “la creme Mont-Blanc”….

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Douceurs de beurre et marrons…

Melty and simple kuri wagashi

Kuri 3, the sweet

Creme Mont-Blanc, parfum marron

I heart kouign amann

It’s a 3 part menu

Entree : Salade de lentilles au saumon d’automne

Plat principal : poulet aux pruneaux et ses dauphines

Entremet, dessert et mignardises : douceurs de beurre et marron

Creme Mont-Blanc, parfum marron

En francais a la fin.

This season’s version of the creme au lait Mont-Blanc. The flavor is :

Marron !

I used the sweet Tianjin chestnuts, already roast/boiled.

Pasted them. I made a dry caramel, and mixed them in, to obtain a “marron praline”. I made my creme in the same pan, with this recipe :
Creme Mont-Blanc de quand on etait petits (Canned vanilla milk pudding)

Decadent style with caramel…

Sober style : half-size, with a chocolate chip.

Recette :
J’utilise des chataignes chinoises “douces”, proches en gout des chataignes europeennes. Elles sont deja cuites, grillees et bouillies,. J’en ecrase quelques-une au mortier. Je fais un caramel sec et j’y ajoute cette pate. Cela donne une sorte de praline de marron. Dans la meme casserole, je continue comme pour la creme a la vanille :

Creme Mont-Blanc de quand on etait petits.

Nashi Belle-Helene – Asian pear opera

It’s now the season of nashi, the Japanese pears. Are they pears or apples ? It’s something else. These are called “20th Century Nashi”.
They can’t be used to make the classical “Poire Belle-Helene”, a 19th Century dessert honoring Offenbach’s opera. It’s a new one…

The home-made creme Mont-Blanc, vanilla flavor.
Creme Mont-Blanc de quand on etait petits (Canned vanilla milk pudding)

Old-style unsweetened cocoa.

A nutty truffe made of cocoa and creamed black sesame.

Nashi are better raw. That wouldn’t be a good idea to prepare them in syrup like the pears.