Black soy milk iced matcha latte (from beans)


That’s not a fast-food drink. Count 12 hours or more to get your refreshment. Well, it’s not really labor intensive.

Kuromame, black soy beans. Compil’ here.


After overnight soaking. I don’t know why they burst. That doesn’t matter.


Squeezed in cotton gauze. More details about soy milk making here.


That gives soy milk. The grounds are okara:


This okara will be used in next post.


You can drink the milk.


Or make a matcha latte. I foamed 1/3 of chilled milk with matcha green tea powder and poured on top. You can see a gradation.


Pandan suite

Bonus of the making of pandan jelly before :

buko pandan

The leaves served 2 more times.

Pandan milk. I did a second infusion of my ground pandan leaves, chilled it, added a little coconut milk.

Not so much chlorophylle left, so it didn’t become that green. It was still very strong in pandan flavor.

Third round :

I added coconut cream and honey to the grounds. Frozen that gives a pandan ice-cream full of fibers (you see them, you don’t feel on the teeth).