Electrolyte refill smoothie


When it’s hot, we sweat a lot and lose water. And we also eliminate precious elements, electrolyte or ions, whatever sports drink maker call them. We don’t need to buy their powders to replace them. Let’s get all the nutrients with a natural drink.


Moloheya (molokhia), this herb has a jelly texture like okra (gumbo), and that comes with the property of maintaining hydration. Like those sports gels.


It’s a smoothie of frozen banana (for its carbs and potassium) , molokhia and a little lemon juice. Now we need sodium ? Well on the glass.


I know the color is not superb, but the taste is very fruity, the texture deliciously creamy and it’s very efficient.


Chilled molokhia and tarako soba


To dishes refreshed for Summer. The green broth molokhia, raw and chilled. And tarako pasta, in cold soba mode.


モロヘイヤMoloheya as they say here, or mulukhiyah, molohiya or molocha, corète potagère, mouloukhia… Well that herb of Pharaohs.


Made into chilled soup. In the blender : a cup of leaves, a little harissa hot chili paste, a branch of coriander leaves and 2 ice-cubes. More coriander to garnish.


Tarako, salted fish roe.


Juwari soba (100% buckwheat noddles), butter, tarako and shredded umaina greens.


Mixed. Served at room temperature.


One bowl pasta lunch

No fuss.
I had more “sauce” than pasta, I arrange well for the photo, but that looked funny. Can’t say I overdo the white carbs here.

Shiitake mushrooms, red hot chili, garlic, onion…

…tomato paste, azuki beans, ground beef (cooked leftover) and moloukhia leaves.

Neba say neba… 3 foods that fight the heat ! (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year

Neba say neba... 3 foods that fight the heat ! Neba neba , that's the texture you see on this photo. Well neba- is also how they pronounce never in Japan. Sorry for the cheap pun in the title, I couldn't resist. Food with that aspect usually have the property to retain water, to help you keep hydrated and feel well when it's hot. Here are 3 examples : Natto, okra and molokheya. Natto is soybeans fermented with "natto-kin" bacteria. It is served with wasabi and egg today, as a topping for hot … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Spaghetti squash meets couscous

A good pair ! I will do it again. This time, the items are briefly poached in the couscous spicy broth, in order to enjoy the most of their freshness.

The squash was already cooked, chick peas too.
Spaghetti squash (how to…) and walnut miso

The lamb is rosy, zucchini, shishito green peppers and broccoli are crunchy.

Raw pasted moloheya, with fresh basil leaves, olive oil, chips of dry garlic, sea salt and harissa.

Moloukhia part 1…

Whole wheat couscous, steamed plus a little butter.

Cal 626 F25.0g C75.8g P29.9g