Accras la la…

Just bring accras and you’re starting a French Antilles style party. These appetizers bring the mood. They are fried dumplings with herbs, spices and often morue (cod fish).

With a dip of salsa ? I’d usually spice them enough and I eat them like that, but I often see many Japanese people looking for the sauce whenever that type of dish appears…

Delicious to photography…

La mer. French sea dishes ( compilation)

Menu to navigate in the sea of French main dishes…

papillote de crystal saumon et pomélo (salmon papillote)
papillote de poisson (white fish)
papillote de poisson vanillée (vanilla fish)

Winter bouillabaisse
Summer bouillabaisse
aioli aux pommes de terre nouvelles (with cod fish)
bourride de limande et amaguri
fish cassoulet
choucroute de la mer (seafood Sauerkraut)

morue parmentière (cod and potatoes)
effeuillée de morue parmentière (cod and potato gratin)

calamars au vin (wine stewed calamari)
calamar à l’armoricaine (calamari stew)

carpaccio de daurade au pamplemousse (grapefruit marinated fish)
pétoncles à la nage (mini scallop soup)
ormeaux au beurre (buttered abalone)
salade tahitienne (Tahitian raw fish)
féroce d’avocat (avocado cod)

sole meunière
Mediterranean grilled fish
saumon vapeur aux algues (steamed salmon)
daurade flambée au pastis (anise baked fish)

Da kimchi cod

This is my entry for the cheapest pun in blog post title competition… Well, kimchi fried rice and cod fish for today’s 5-minute lunch.

Simple seared cod fish. And lemon.

A leftover of brown and red rice, stir-fried with kimchi and egg. On top, aonori seaweed.

Celeri stalks cooked with the fish, seasoned with the same lemon.

The meal :
Cal : 419.3 F11.2g C44.9g P40.7g

Morue parmentière au yuzu-kosho, bathing in a fragrance of osmanthus

A fusion version of the morue parmentière (click here for the classic) with a touch of green yuzu… That was delicious.
That smells fish ? No, not at all. In this season, Japan smells so good, you can’t even imagine. Each block of houses has its bush of kinmokusei (osmanthus) like the 1st photo.

And these flovers have a sweet and encanting smell. Maybe you know jasmine ? Well, it’s super-jasmine…
So back to food.

The morue is cod fish (salted, unsalted…).

The parmentière, it’s potatoes. I finished 2 batches, one white, one saffron-colored. They were boiled and crushed by fork.

Making of… The fish was soaked, as you’ve seen for the fierce avocados.

Then the fish was stir-fried in olive oil, with lots of garlic. After cooking, I added negi leek, and yuzu-koshio, the condiment made of green yuzu peel and green pepper.

Making yuzu kosho

Served with kale soup. Why ? Shopping mistake. I like the wheat grass juice and I wanted to restock some. They had that discount on normally more expensive kale juice and I thought that was the same. Pfff, not at all, the kale juice tastes like broccoli soup. That’s not bad… as a soup, but really average, under average, nearly awful as a drink. So I have a stock of instant kale soup. Convenient : add fresh thyme, salt, hot water, shake. That’s a nice side-dish soup.

The fish’n tater was a delight. The citrus flavor changes it all.

Fierce lawyer, féroce d’avocat

Even if “féroce” is fierce and the French for lawyer is “avocat”, I don’t think the dish was named from there. It’s most likely an allusion to the fierce hotness of the chili.
It’s a specialty from the French Antilles islands (Caribbeans).

There are variations of the recipe. The principle is to make a puree of avocado, morue (salted cod fish), hot chili pepper and manioc. Not necessarily in equal proportion, as some people want less chili, some more even I have not met anyone like that so far.

I soaked the salted fish in several baths, then grilled it in the oven-toaster and torn it apart, taking away the bits of bones.

Avocado (and a little shikwasa lime juice), a chili, a chive (kujo negi).
If you don’t get the manioc from your garden, Antillese grocery stores have some powdered ready to use manioc, perfect for this recipe. If you don’t have such stores…
So I have used Asian tapioca starch that I baked in the oven toaster to cook it, then wet with coconut milk, let it sit a while before mixing in.

The mixture is usually smoother. It can be made dryer with more manioc and shaped in balls to take with a toothpick. That depends if you want it as an appetizer or a dish. That was a meal, so I wanted it chunky and kept bits of fish and avocado to add in later.

The chili can be proposed as a topping if you are not sure about how much fierceness the guests can enjoy.
Serve with a ti’punch. Well, sweet white wine was well today.

To complete the feast, something neither fat nor salty… Small sweet potatoes.

Miam miam !

Aïoli aux pommes de terres nouvelles

Second round of the series of potato salads.
Aïoli was a party meal, with the intention of enjoying the last veggies of the old season and some seafood. It seems that was usually for Winter, before Lent maybe. Now people enjoy it at any season.
A grand aïoli is a big party, with many items, more seafood. Let’s make it small and centered around the new potatoes.

The soul of the aïoli is the sauce.
Ail is garlic, and huile is oil in French so that sounds logical. In Occitan language, aïoli is garlic oil. So just pasted garlic and olive oil, a little salt. Traditionnally.
It is not well, but some add an egg yolk. I did, because it requires a certain hand skill, training to be able to mount the sauce without egg.
I also added lemon juice and a little saffron. Little, cheating…

Steamed new potatoes. Tender, good to eat with the skin.

Cod fish, poached in a broth of laurel leaves.

Everything is steamed of boiled. The zucchini cubes and cooked in herbs and garlic oil were a leftover.

Present the tray with the hot ingredients, and the sauce.

Effeuillée de morue parmentière

My fix of French food. It’s a salt cod and potato dish. As Mr. Parmentier was the French potato hero, anything with potatoes is parmentier now.




Soaked cod fish.

Olive oil refried the “flaked” fish, onions, garlic, a little ginger, chili pepper….
A little of nutmeg as it is potato’s best friend.

Topped by roast bread crumbs and olive oil.
It’s a totally idiot proof recipe. Take good ingredients, it will turn delicious.

A mini-side of nira kimchi.
making nira kimchi

Pinapple and few goji berries as a dessert.

Cal537 F10.3g C89.7g P25.9g