Japanesed mudardara


Another version of adapted murdardara (the Middle-East rice lentil dish). I served it inside a Japanese meal that contained :


aka endomame (click here)


A kasujiru soup with kombu dashi (seaweed stock) as a base, onion, daikon and kabocha as items.

sake kasu and miso as flavoring.



I made it in the rice cooker like for this easy mudardara. The veggies today were kujo negi leeks, new ginger, onion, myoga, with cumin as main spice.


A sliced of grilled salted salmon :


Raw myoga, blanched komatsuna greens, blanched okra, fried tofu :


Easy mudardara

Today a delicious Lebanese dish, that takes only a few minutes of your time to prepare. It’s freely inspire from this recipe from the blog OneArabVegan. Thanks for the inspiration.

That’s basically rice and lentils.

And usually I cook these in my rice-cooker, not on the same day. Well, I mixed them, rinsed, added water and switched :

Ping ! Already ? I grabbed a red onion, garlic, some leftover of leek that I stir-fried with chili and lots of grated coriander seed. I made a lot of topping to compensate the lack of seasoning of the base.

With a salad of cabbage in lemon dressing.

Mmm… a delicious meal. I’ll do it again. I read you could also serve it cold, but maybe I’ll wait for another season.