Mexiiiiiico…ooosaka !


Today’s lunch is Mexican style and plant based. I tried to make it not spicy for a guest not fan of hot chilis but, but…


Home-made whole wheat tortillas


Azuki beans, simmered with red wine, paprika, onion, garlic, a few shishito peppers, lots of cumin, thyme, a little cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, olive oil.


Mitsuba leaves, grilled shishito and avocado.
The idea is to fill the tortillas with beans and these greens.

Problem : Shishito peppers are usually not spicier than bell peppers. But it’s the end of Summer, and these are relatively hot… That’s great for me, not for those that have a sensitivity to hot peppers.


Side dish : okonomiyaki cabbage. Well it’s simply stir-fried with garlic and ginger, then flavored with sauce (Bulldog) for okonomiyaki.

As a dessert, double chocolate muffins :


Warabi sauce baked shiitake and muffins

Small bites. Baked shiitake mushrooms, and muffins with bits of shiitake and green pepper.
Autumn is getting near, so mushrooms become tempting. Actually that doesn’t matter as shiitake are produced year round, but I remember we had many mushrooms in woods in that season when I was a kid.

For the batter, I tried something and yeah, good. I cooked some warabi mochi (bracken starch) mixed with water. In 2 minutes, I got a sort of paste. When it cooled a little, I’ve mixed in one egg, some strong taste grated cheese, baking powder and a little potato starch. I filled the shrooms… With the rest of batter, the feet of the shiitake and some shishito peppers, I made muffins.

A green yuzu. I’ve flavored the cabbage salad with its zest and juice.

The quick baker’s compil’


Grits’in corn bread

Fava beans and pesto cakes
Pounti (herb and prune peasant cake)
Express sesame buns
Cake salé au fromage et aux piments jalapeños


Mikan orange cake

Quatre-Quarts, the simple butter cake
Saint-Nicolas Nonnettes (mikan stuffed ginger bread muffins)
Banana breads with nuts
Gâteau au pamplemousse – Grapefruit cake
“Hattaiko flour” cake
Millas (raisin corn bread)
Softy apple banana muffins (not on the photo)

And (click here) many variations of ok’cakes (soy fiber okara cakes).

Let’s finish with the lemony buckwheat soda bread (special post here).