Pakuchi som tam papaya, and baby corn


I took my mortar to prepare a little Thai style lunch around cilantro/coriander green papaya salad.


So now we have local green papaya, let’s grate it.


Garlic, green hot chili. Then red hot hot hot chili (very little, it’s so hot), ami ebi salty shrimps, toasted peanuts, kabosu lime juice, a little sugar, nam pla fish sauce. Then red sweet chili, green papaya, coriander leaves and stalks.


Tam ! Tam ! Tam ! Tam !


Fresh baby corn from Thailand.


I’ve used it for a stir-fry. Just oil and a little garlic, to cook the white parts of negi leeks, shishito green peppers, edamame beans, then the baby corn. I garnished with sweet chili sauce.


Brown rice.


A nice 3 dish meal.



Caramelised veggies on Thai noodles

You’re in fusion-city. Noodle-mania ward. Abebia street, near Natto square.

Thai rice noodles, seasoned with nam pla fish sauce, a little black sugar, coriander leaves (frozen), chili… finished with a little Chinese black vinegar and sesame oil.

The carrots and akebi were pan fried together and caramelised a little (it’s not burnt, it’s sweet).

, a scrambled egg, steamed shungiku leaves.

Lunch tray to eat on the balcony.

A wind of Burma (via gourmande in Osaka

Last year, Shan Burmese cuisine…

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Appetizers of tea leaves, then fried Shan tofu. That’s a nice week-end meal…

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Som tam ripe : sunny papaya salad

The idea was to make a som tam, a Thai green papaya salad with the ingredients I get here.

The drama : that’s the greenest papaya at the local market. Greener are sold much further, in Kobe’s Chinatown for instance. I hoped it was no so advanced in age inside…

Totally yellow. Well, I was hungry. So let’s go for a yellow papaya salad. Really not the same thing.

Nearly a sweet compote. I added lots of sour lemon… in hope.

I think you are not supposed to include the coriander root in this dish, but I love the roots. And that compensated for the deficient papaya.


Japanese dry ami-ebi shrimps. And kamaboko (bought hand-made fish surimi).

That was… totally different. I tried to eat it without comparing. And I really like it.

Pasta Thai, amaebi pad Thai

Thai style stir-fried rice noodles… as *we* have a tsunami in Japan as they had in Thailand. And well, it’s a coincidence it’s today’s menu. I eat as usual.
There is no problem at all in Osaka. As say *we*, but in most of the country, we see the damages at the news.

Local ingredients : carrot, amaebi (nordic shrimps), shiitake, negi leeks, cabbage, bell pepper, okra.

Peanuts. Coriander and the chili are friend.

Pad Thai seasoning, egg, fish sauce, sugar…