Tarte flambée and green juice



Ying and yang. The 2 extremes together : a tarte flambée and a veggie juice. Both are made quickly for a weekday lunch.


The new onions were screaming : “Une flammekueche ! Une flamm’ !An onion tart !”.
The traditional recipe of this Lorraine-Alsace delight requires bread dough :

la flamme tutorial (click here)


It’s a very quickified version : baking powder dough, onions, a little ham and some home-made coconut yogurt. Lots of black pepper. Baked in the oven-toaster.


The juice : lots of fresh komatsuna leaves and a little yuzu juice.
小松菜 komatsuna, litterally means “little pine tree greens”, but they are sorts of turnip leaves. The juice is slightly bitter but not too much to drink it.


Serve the 2 together and enjoy sin with health.


New onions, and paprika chicken “quick !”



As the title indicates it, that’s a quickie. Three ingredients, 2 minutes of your time.


Sweet new onions arrived on the market. I sliced half of a small one.


I “steamed” a piece of chicken breast in the micro-wave. Then covered the chicken and onion with a good amount of paprika powder, a little olive oil, salt. Grilled in the oven-toaster.


The meat and the onion just need to be grilled a few minutes to take a delicious grilled flavor, while the meat stays tender and the onion crispy. Simple and yummy !



Creamy garden pasta


Pasta can be very healthy… at the condition you don’t use it to replace your greens. Have both together.
This dish is particularly easy to digest. It’s creamy but not in the Alfredo way.


The Spring produce : green peas and new onion are today’s guests.


That’s a one-pot dish : I add the veggies in the pot with the pasta, just not from the start so they don’t overcook.


For the sauce, I mixed home-made soy yogurt, lots of minced parsley, salt, black pepper and secret touch : coriander seed + nutmeg.


The sauce added on the hot plate will tenderly coat the pasta.



Matcha soba, shiso pesto and veg’ freshness…

We’re getting into the days when you want to eat raw, cold, green, light…

Zaru soba is baaack ! It’s green because it’s matcha (green tea) flavored.
Click here for the soba compilation.

They are the perfect complement for :
shiso pesto.

The leaves are called “salad celery”, they have a very mild celery taste, aftertaste… well, they bring mostly color and fibers. The new onions have been salted, let overnight, rinsed. And the pink cubes are watermelon. Lots of crunchiness.

No cooking, like lunch in holidays

Like eating from a street-stand in South-East Asia. Fried fish and veggies. And no, I didn’t cook…

Today’s bargain offer at a local super-market were those small fried flounder. They are much more efficient than me at frying that. I just reheated in the oven toaster, added sweet chili sauce and negi leeks.

Here are a few colorful veggies that you can eat just like that… if you are courageous. I like eating raw plants but the truth is I don’t digest so well. So I cut and salted them generously and after one hour, I washed them in fresh water and squeezed.

They are perfect here as the daikon radish helps digesting the fat. The goya (bitter squash) helps you feel well on hot days (that was only 30 degrees C outside, but I’m not used to it yet…). And the onion is full of vitamins, no ? No idea, I like it.

Flavored with freshly ground sansho pepper (that I dried last year). The citrus flavor is perfect for a side to a dish of fish.

That’s the meal. Less time to prepare, more time to enjoyed and lick one’s finger…