Simple chijimi (garlic chive pancakes)



Onion, nira (garlic chives), peppers…


The batter is flour and potato starch. I cook them in neutral oil and add sesame oil to finish.


Cut in squares.



When it rains, jeon and makkoli


It was raining, raining, raining today…


When it rains, the Koreans make jeon as the noise of cooking them is similar to the sound of rain drops falling. And they drink makkoli, because… Well, I guess they must be thirsty.


I’ve got makkoli from the convenience store. It’s written in Japanese but that’s the real thing. It’s a drink made of fermented wine, close to Japanese amazake (sweet sake). But the Japanese one is for kids, while the makkoli has 6% alcohol, like a wine. I have to be careful because that’s so sweet that I’d drink that like milk, well even more easily than milk. But then, I don’t make a merry tispy fellow, just a person suddenly feeling sick. So, let’s be reasonable.


Chijimi and jeon are both names of Korean pancakes, well in Osaka, it’s all chijimi and you’ve seen some before here.
That’s the fashion to make green nira chijimi. I’ve seen restaurants had them. That’s a good idea,


I have added a whole bunch of nira (garlic chives) into the blender with flour, a piece of potato and potato starch. That’s not so solid as usual, but if you flip them carefully, no problem. The taste is very green. I’ve used the color of onion and yellow bell pepper to contrast.


Add a sauce (soy sauce, black rice vinegar, water, onion, chili), the drink…and enjoy the rain !

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Korean Gourmande

home-made nira kimchi.

Anyong ! A little compilation of my Korean, Korean-Osakan and Korean-Gourmande recipes on this blog :

N.B : click on the links, not the photos.

DSC02423-001 green jeon

DSC02460-001 koyadofu tokpokki

DSC02198-001 nira chijimi

Korean style Taisho kintoki beans

Imperial abalone soup

tofu chigae with goya

steamer menu

black beans Korean wind

Petit yaki-niku (Korean barbecue)

A red velvet Korean soup

Instant supper : gochujang bean soup

Cheesy tokkpokki al dente ?

Bibinbap from a set…

that’s a wrap : tokkpokki and yakitori

Raw-bergine on Korean soba

Nameko, the funny mushroom and Seoul Summer noodles

Korean-Osakan Bibin’men (cooled noodles)

Oyi neang guk

nira chijimi


today’s bibimbap… double daikon

bibimbap with 2 sorts of kimchi

ginseng chicken soup

making yuzu-cha (yuja-cha)