Fruity gouter

“Gouter” is the French for the snacks children (and old children) eat at 10 a.m. and 4 a.m.
This one is a cream made of tofu, pecan butter, sudachi lemon (flesh + zest), half a banana for the sweetness.

Topped with litchis and green melon. Served very fresh.

Cal 276.7 F11.2g C39.8g P9.9g

Pecan nut butter and double sashimi noodle salad (July Daring Cook Challenge)

The Daring Cook Challenge of this month is nut butter, in a savory recipe.

The July Challenge is hosted by Margie of More Please and Natashya of Living in the Kitchen with Puppies.

I have tried to make pecan nut butter, because I never had any. And the Asian seafood salad, because… it’s too hot to cook.
So you can see from the left :
A pecan nut
The pecan butter dressing
Calamari sashimi noodles
Konnyaku sashimi lasagne (seaweed flavored)
Shredded greens (cabbage, cucumber, green hot chili, sudachi lemon peel)

Step by step :

Pecan nut butter ! Yeah !

Dressing : nut butter + Japanese black rice vinegar + sudachi lemon juice + soy sauce + garlic + green chili pepper. A few minutes later, add more water and a little black sugar.

Raw calamari, cleaned, peeled, cut in noodles.

The konnyaku seaweed “sashimi”.

Just waiting for the dressing…

Thick dressing on top, for the photo… then I added vinegar to the rest to sprinkle around.
De-li-cious !

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