Vitamin Holiday appetizer trio

What about starting the party with a jab of colorful nutrients ? That could make a little week-day lunch too. That was the first round of a rich holiday meal. Servings are small to allow guests to last the distance…

Which soup ? Do you want your greens or your carotene ? Let’s have both. They are like hot smoothies.

Boiled carrot, kabocha squash, nutmeg, coriander seeds and a melt cheese square.

Spinach briefly “heated” in boiling water, fresh tarragon, melt cheese.

Raviole de crevettes en sauce rose.

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the inside. It’s a big spoon of quickly poached Nordic shrimps (amaebi) in an open raviole made of fresh egg pasta.

They are coated with the same sauce. The sauce is a Brandy tomato sauce base, flavored with the shrimp shells and creamed. Decorated with pink peppercorns.

Pasta Thai, amaebi pad Thai

Thai style stir-fried rice noodles… as *we* have a tsunami in Japan as they had in Thailand. And well, it’s a coincidence it’s today’s menu. I eat as usual.
There is no problem at all in Osaka. As say *we*, but in most of the country, we see the damages at the news.

Local ingredients : carrot, amaebi (nordic shrimps), shiitake, negi leeks, cabbage, bell pepper, okra.

Peanuts. Coriander and the chili are friend.

Pad Thai seasoning, egg, fish sauce, sugar…

Little shrimps and mint

Ama-ebi, Nordic shrimps from Hokkaido. First in a little ceviche, with mint, lemon and pepper. They have lost their prime quality to be eaten as plain sashimi.

The change of color in the sauce occurs very quickly.


Small leaf mint and small shrimps…

This is kushinsai, water morning glory, liseron d’eau.
A nice South-Asian stir-fry green.

That’s the dish : bifun (rice vermicelli), garlic, onion, ginger, celery stalk, bell pepper, kushinsai, shrimp and mint. Salt and a little Sichuan pepper.

(the stir-fry)
Cal 398.2 F6.7g C62.1g P23.0g

Ama-ebi, Hokkaido sweet shrimps, with radish sushi

Ama-ebi is a small cold water shrimp. The Japanese name means “sweet shrimp” and they have a sweet taste when eaten raw. I think they are called “Nordic shrimps” in English.
The best is to eat them fresh and raw, simply. Just let the tip of the tail.

That’s not very filling, so I made a radish chirashi-zushi (plate sushi).

Cook genmai (brown rice), shred and salt the radish greens. Add Japanese 2/3 black vinegar, 1/3 sake. In a big bowl, mix the liquid into the rice while you ventilate with a fan. That makes the rice shiny. Add black sesame seeds.
Garnish with the radish root cut as you like.

The third dish is (bought) jelly fish in spicy sesame oil, I put it in cucumber, added a little roast nori seaweed.

(it’s a double serving of rice)
Cal497.5 F8.8g C85.4g P35.5g

(to be continued)