Quickie : dill rieska

A few tbs of buckwheat flour, as much of flour, baking powder eyeballed, salt, a pinch of sugar, grated yuzu citrus peel. Mix well. I’ve added cut dill and made these rieska style Nordic pancakes :

The mix of flavor of yuzu and dill is delicious. That makes a great brunch item with a good cup of wulong tea.

Gourmande November round up

Sweet potato (satsuma imo), potato and persimmon (kaki) season is back.

That’s the album about most of my November meals : November eats. And for vegan menus here.

These are the main topics and visitors’ current obsessions :

Tian casserole with potatoes
Satsuma imo soufflées
Kakicannelle persimmon

Classic revival :
kneppes (Lorraine’s pasta)
roasted chicken
French fries
tarte orangette
simple tarte au chocolat (silky chocolate pie)

Nordic wave :

Mousse de saumon et pain polaire

Swedish bean balls

Plus :
polar bread shrimp wrap
mini buckwheat blinis salmon bites

American mood :

Natural yummy banana pudding

raw pumpkin pie

creamy pumpkin pie
Obama pizza
Chicago pizza


On the road to Christmas :
nutty truffles

Saint-Nicolas, Kurisumasu, Christmas, Noël on Pinterest

sesame Japanese Xmas

Christmas desserts

Kabocha forever

Steamed rice pudding and burnt kabocha.

Kabocha pumpkin on pinterest

kabocha and hijiki

kabocha mousse

Mousse de saumon et pain polaire

A little Nordic table : smoked salmon mousse, cardamom polar bread and some greens…

A creamy fishy spread.

Freshly made bread (Recipe here).

Fresh and feisty…


It’s hooooot ! Take me to the North Pole now ! Well maybe not. A Nordic country like Denmark would do. Let’s travel in the flying kitchen…

I can eat tons of raw veggies. Red cabbage, ribbons of cucumbers, daikon radish.

The Nordic plate : raw fish (tuna), Vollkornbrot with butter, horseradish (“wasabi” from a tube, it’s colored horseradish in most brands, you knew that ?), lemon…

Well, a Japanese touch : konnyaku. Served with lemon and capers.
A great exotic fresh dinner.