Pizzas with Winter greens


Two quick veggie pizzas for lunch. Prepared in a few minutes as I took shortcuts, but still full of whole food goodies.


The crust is cheating : flour, nuka (rice bran) , turmeric, salt and baking powder. Pre-baked in the oven-toaster. I add slightly toasted the rice bran. I also baked an onion next to the crust.
Then garnished with passata (simple bottled tomato sauce) enriched with garlic and olive oil, broccoli, the onion…


Topped by a piccata of parsley, shungiku (chrysanthemum greens), olive oil, chili pepper, onion, salt. I added that 1 minute before the end.


The second serving is made with the stalks of broccoli. That’s all what I had. Sad ? No, to the sauce I’ve added miso and sakekasu (sake lees) for cheezy flavor.
Both were equally yummy in their style.


A whirlpool of black sesame steamed crepes…

Purple lunch. Nutty small steamed crepes and huge beans.

Actually they are more like tortilla or Chinese chunbing.
Recipe :
I mixed a cup of flour, 2 tbs of nuka (rice brans), 2 tbs of black tahini (pasted black sesame), a little salt, hot water. Kneaded a little. Formed those rounds. And I cooked them in frying pan (with a lid and humidity).

Garlic veggie mix (zucchini, bell pepper, fava beans) from frozen vegetables.

Spicy hanamame big beans.

Monkey tree tricolor challah

Third episode of the challah saga. I know it looks like a monkey tree bread more than a challah. It is delicious. And not looking pretty. That happens.

The black thread is flavored with carob powder. The grey with ground black sesame seeds. The yellow with rice bran. So that makes 3 nutty, deep and malty sweet breads in one.

The recipe is the same as :

sesame challah

It was not smooth, it couldn’t become prettier in the oven.


Yummm. Just hot from the oven, with a little margarine…

Brun-chi’, ikea guacamole and pumpkin chi’cake (via GiO)


I didn’t get my guacamole in the over-rated box supermarket… the concept is the same : all the bits are in, but not assembled. Avocado,…

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Crack crack, rice bran pie and cracker dough

Des biscuits salés. Crackers.

The dough is my quick weekday dough :
A : White flour + nuka (rice bran). About 20% of bran in weight, but that makes the same volume as the flour as bran is very light.
B : Add about 1 tbs of olive oil and 3 pinches of sea salt per cup.
C : Add water progressively. Mix. Form a ball.
That’s all. It’s ready to use.

For savory, I prefer olive oil. For sweet, it’s good too, but white (unflavored) sesame oil gives a more cake-like taste.

They are blond and nutty.
Here sesame, black pepper and coarse salt for flavorings.
After baking about 30 minutes, I let them dry. The next day, I pass them 3 minutes in the oven-toaster and let cool. They are then completely dry. It’s the original meaning of “biscuit” (bis-cooked).

Baked at the same time : pumpkin tarts. No need to pre-bake the dough. Click here.

An an empty crust for uncooked toppings. See here.
In this case, I pick the dough well with a fork and push it around the sides. I don’t use “beans” here. If need I put a second mold on top of the dough. No need here.
I fill the molds 30 minutes before baking. That way, it keeps its shape better.