Like a strawberry breakfast


What’s pinker than starting a Spring day with tender strawberry muffins ?


The recipe is the same as the zesty oat muffins. Replace the fillings with a cup of diced strawberries, fresh or frozen.


Juice of strawberries has escaped when the top popped up, so they look like small volcanoes. Let the muffins cool.


Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top. And go to bed, they’ll be ready when you get up…


Zesty oat muffins


Simple oat muffins, not too sweet and full of flavors.


Wet mix :
Blend : 1 cup (the size of muffin cup) of oat meal + 1 cup water + 1 yuzu lemon’s juice
Let 30 min or overnight. Add 1 small egg, 1 cup water,1/3 cup light cream. Blend.

Dry mix :
1 cup flour, BP, cinnamon/nutmeg/spices, 1 ts kurozato black sugar.
Fillings : raisins, cut yuzu lemon zest
Topping : oat meal and kurozato sugar

Tips : For vegan muffins, you can replace the cream and water with coconut milk and don’t add the egg.


Other muffins :

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DSC00810-001strawberry muffins (be patient…)

If you need more : the quick baker’s compil’

Pratie oaten and quick beans

Pratie oaten are very simple Irish pancakes that have a nice flavor of potato. Add beans and you have a solid Winter breakfast. A brunch for me.

Taisho kintoki mame. OK, you need time to boil them. Let’s say, you make big batches in advance like me. So you have boiled beans. And let’s say you’ve put potatoes to boil the night before. Well, that was with the stove’s timer so you won’t find a burned kitchen but boiled potatoes when you wake up.

The patties are quickly made. Mash a boiled potato, mix in oatmeal, add in a little melted lard, season with salt and pepper. Of course, you can use butter or a plant-based fat instead.

Cook on the griddle (in a pan) with the same fat.

Quick too. Mix ingredients, reheat the time you make the pratie oaten. The miso has already a “longly simmered taste”.

Add in greens (negi leeks) and serve as a thick bean soup.

Brunch is ready !

A bowl of vitamins…

A fruity brunch is magical. It uplifts the mood.

The base is oatmeal, soaked with coconut milk and cream and some yuzu citrus juice. A few dried grapes inside. Let one hour or more.

On top : mikan mandarin oranges, goji berries, yuzu citrus peel.
And some freshly ground sesame, a little black sugar to add before mixing.

Going bananas on black sesame almond crisp

Winter bananas… Meh !
Let’s bury them under ashes.

Just bananas, cocoa mass chips and goji berries. More banana slices on top.

The streusel is made of black sesame milled with oats, a little sugar, sweet almond oil and more oat flakes.
There was a delicious almond smell in the air while that was getting baked.

Too dark for a color photo. The bananas were sweet, the berries full of juice, the chocolate melted, the crumb was crunch and so sweetly nutty. That was yummiful…