First Frenchy

A compil of French first dishes…

Pâtés et terrines

Pâté means both a meat terrine and a pie. That depends…

patés (meat terrines)
petits pâtés (pies)
coulibiac (fish pie)
mousse de foie aux olives et romarin (liver paste)
terrine de chou-fleur (cauliflower)


Soupes et potages

soupe au chou (cabbage)
gratinée au bouillon de canard (onion)
soupe à l’oignon rouge
soupe au pistou (pesto)
néo-garbure (beans)
gratinée d’avoine (oat)

potage Crécy
potage Choisy
crème de chou fleur (cauliflower)
soupe de champignons (mushrooms)
soupe au cerfeuil (chervil)
crème vert amande

soupe de poisson
potager de poisson
white bean and clam soup
chaudrée de saumon (salmon chowder)


Tartes, quiches, savory cakes

pounti (herb and prune peasant cake)
cake salé au fromage et aux piments
cakes aux fèves et pesto (broad bean pesto cakes)

quiche lorraine
tarte au potiron
flamiche (with leeks)
tarte à l’oignon

tarte aux epinards
tatin tomate
pichade (tomato)
pissaladiere (onion)

quiche poire et bleu
tarte flambée – flammenkuechen (old style quiche)
tarte flambée à la pomme (apple)

soufflé de potimarron
soufflé de fromage et chou-fleur

salades et crudités

salade de tomates
salade niçoise (the real story)
salade de riz Méditerranée (rice)
taboulé rouge
taboulé au safran

poireau vinaigrette (leeks)
salade de lentilles au saumon d’automne (salmon, lentils)
poire, bleu, noix (pear cheese)
dill lime salade composée

salade aux calamars et pois chiches (chick peas)
salad tahitienne (sashimi)
salade composée (poached egg and croutons)

Or you can simply serve eggs :

oeuf mayo
omelette baveuse
oeufs à la coque

And now the brik is too wide for the egg…

How to get a crispy golden brik, with a perfectly half-cooked egg inside ? The egg is too big, it slips out… patatra.
Call me silly, but I was thinking that whenever I was seeing the news about Tunisia’s riot and the Ben Ali’s sudden relocation. Oh that doesn’t help, but takes nothing from the Tunisians.
For those who don’t know, the brik a l’oeuf (egg brik) is what you eat in Tunisia, in the morning. That’s also what you eat there in the afternoon. And that’s how you enjoy the evenings there… Well I could eat some all day, so it’s possible the street stall was operating 24/24 only for the addicts. I’m sure there are others. Hi ! You know who you are.

Suddenly, I had the illumination in the grocery store. Quail eggs !!! Let’s go !

Tuna in oil.

Fried onions, harissa (I’m only half crazy, it’s half tomato… but it’s half a serving here), parsley…

Brik. Not real brik ? That’s what I get.

Actually, the eggs are so tiny… I squeezed the first one too strong, it jumped directly into the oil. I got a fried egg into the bargain. I could put 2 eggs per brik.
I pan-fried them. That’s not pro, but great for home-made briks.

Edit (that would be obvious) :
To make a brik, take a sheet (oil it if it is a hard type not-the-real-stuff), fill the center with tuna, onion, parsley, sauce and finish by breaking an egg in it. Fold in 2, lay one side on a bath of hot oil. Push with a spatula to close it well. Turn it. Take it out.
No photo as that goes very quickly.



Third. Did I progress ? They were all delicious.

Serve with celery. It’s fresh and crunchy. Perfect to balance the fried hotness.

Salade-omelette and furikake

How to refresh and dynamise your omelet…

Veggie omelet (red and yellow bell peppers, garlic and mizuna stalks), topped with fresh leaves (mizuna) and dressing (olive oil, balsamico and jalapeno sauce).

2 servings of rice (black and white mixed), and 2 sorts of furikake. Furikake is a mix of powdered dry ingredients used as topping for rice or other food. I mix-mash myself.
Left : dry fish flakes + aonori seaweeds + white sesame
Right : same dry fish flakes + shichimi 7 spice mix + sansho pepper powder + natural sea salt + flaxseeds + black sesame

Cal 526 F13.6g C78.1g P21.9g

Second half of June 2010 : Illustrated Menu

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