Kuromame no shiso-ni : black beans, shiso and rice


Rice and beans, Japanese style. I think the shiso flavor is a nice companion for black beans and I had already paired them :

shiso bean empanadas

Kuromame, black soy beans. Soaked and boiled. They take lots of time to cook… depending on size and how old they are. Hard to predict, but don’t start now and expect serving them for next meal. Cook them the day before.


So I recooked the boiled beans in an oiled pan with onion, garlic, cumin seeds, a little paprika, salt. When the onions were cooked I’ve covered with bean cooking broth, let simmer. At the end, added cut shiso leaves in the beans, and some on top.


It’s a mix of genmai (brown rice) and akamai (red rice).


A simple soup : nameko mushrooms, hijiki seaweeds (dried), water. Then a little soy sauce when it’s cooked.


Steamed mizunasu aubergines and shiitake mushrooms.


Komatsuna no ohitashi (boiled and refreshed) with gomadare sesame dressing.



Greens that lose their purple…

Karashina. Mustard greens.

Top is purple, and they are green under.

It’s blanching the greens : passing them in boiling water, then refreshing in ice-cold water so they keep the green and lose bitterness.

The sauce is sesame paste, plus hot chili and a little salt.
They have a not too strong taste, like young spinach.

But, but… they keep the green and where is the purple ? As you can see it leaks into the water.
When you boil veggies you get the nutrients leaving into the water they say, and you lose the precious vitamins.

I don’t as I boil my veggies in the water that will become my soup. That’s why today’s miso soup has its uncanny shades. The water was purple.

Field of fairies, with munsterious natto

Flowers dancing on my plate make me think of small flying fairies in a clear field in the middle of a dark wood ? A wood of matsu, Japanese pine trees…

Now the sadistic natto shooting…

It came in this wood leaf package. Pine flavored natto. Very special. Let’s spill the beans :

And you are missing the small. The closest… Munster cheese !

And strong in taste too… OK, that’s the last one.

Something fresher to balance the dish. Cukes. And shikibu-so leaves, in ohitashi. That means I briefly passed the leaves in boiling water (I poured it on them), drained and refreshed in cold water. Such ohitashi veggies are usually served simply with soy sauce for instance. Here the sauce comes with the natto.

shikibu leaves (click here)