Momo mitsu-nyu, a plant based tres leches with peach


Freshly invented, this is the Japanese tres leches. Momo, the peach. Mitsu-nyu, 3 milks. It is vegan, gluten free, and oishii !

More about “tres leches” cake and basic recipe.

This is okara, the fiber left after you squeeze out soy milk. I often make cakes with it.

I’ve made a very simple vanilla okara cake, very simple :
1 cup of okara, 2 tbs of potato starch, 2 tbs of cane sugar, 1 tbs of dry coconut, vanilla powder, enough water to get a sticky dough. Baked on low heat in 2 round molds.


Next day, I’ve soaked the dried cooled cakes.
Syrup : coconut milk + coconut cream + 1 small chunk of kurozako black sugar.
I consider soy creaminess from the okara makes the 3rd milk.


That’s the texture you obtain.


A few hours later, I’ve piled the 2 rounds and garnished.
Cream : coconut cream, powder sugar and green kinako (a grilled soy powder). I’ve completed with slices of peach.


A fresh creamy cake that will live long enough to take and photo and then disappear into the paradise of great food memories…



White chocolate apple cinnamon cake

It’s not a mistake. I’ve used white chocolate not black. Well, it has melted in. The cake seem very sweet and decadent and that’s just an impression.

The main ingredient is okara, the grounds obtained when I made the black tofu. The black bean skin has turned golden brown when it was baked.

Apple, cinnamon and chips of white couverture chocolate.

Recipe :
A Mix in the blender :
1 cup of black bean okara + 1/2 cup water (cooked 1 minute in the microwave)
1/2 apple cut in small bits
2 tbs of potato starch
1 to 3 tbs honey (to taste)
1/2 ts baking powder

B Add :
2/3 diced apple
a handful of white chocolate bits or chips
1/2 tbs of cinnamon

Bake slowly.

After baking 1 hour, the top is very dry.

But under, it’s very gooey.

Okara carrot cupcakes

Are not my little cakes cute ? Hey, I have to eat vegetables…
They are healthy carrot cakes.

I was usually using egg to make ok’cake (made with okara tofu fiber, click here for more). Not this time, so they are egg free and vegan, if that matters.

Very simple, just mix : 1 cup of steamed finely grated carrot, 1 cup of okara. 2 tbs of coconut cream. 1/2 cup of juice carrot with a little water. 2 tbs of potato starch for binding. Kurozato black sugar, cake spices. Then into 4 cup cake molds. I shaped the bulk as they don’t grow bigger when they cook. They even slightly shrink.

The baked cakes. I took them out of molds after 20 minutes and continued 20 minutes after putting them upside down, so they dried better. Then I poured a little lemon juice on top and let cool.

The icing is coconut cream (from a can) with vanilla powder and a little sugar.

Raining on the parade trifle

It’s raining. Raining. Pouring. Raining. Rainy season… We live in shade, half-shade, sunless brightness, humidity, mist, fog and water.

We are not cold, it’s hot some days. Not sure it’s better when it’s hot or cold. Today temperature is OK.

It’s as if I was inside that bowl. Wet and misty in it, and outside. You’re well nowhere. The good news is that lasts one only one month. What do they do in countries with rain all year ? Let’s say in England… They put a waterproof hat on their royals and they parade them.
They also make trifle !

A royal idea.
That was not premeditated but this is a dairy free recipe. Well, the recipes you see here are rarely planned. If ever. Now that happens. I have ingredients, then the idea.
I had leftovers of plain ok’cake (made with okara tofu fiber, click here for more). It’s basically just egg flavor, well like custard flavor cake. This time, it was very moist. That will count as custard and cake. Plant based whip. I do like the whip cream from cows, but it does not like me and my gut if it’s not fermented. I like the taste of this one too.

Take strawberries…

Put that in a huge kitsch crystal ball. Or the lid of a yogurt maker. I sprinkled with sweet cinnamon and unrefined cane sugar that have the same color and texture.

Ready !

Let’s enjoy it with the little fingers up… I never knew why you were supposed or not to do that gesture. But the trifl… nom, nom, nom…

Cake for gold days

At the color of the light… bits of sweet potato and goji berries in a soft almond perfumed cake.
That’s another ok’ cake, with 2 small additions :

Sweet potatoes. Boiled. Chunked with their cute pink skin. Wet with vanilla essence.

Kuko (goji berries).
After baking, I poured on a few drops of bitter almond.

Perfect !

Bakonuts 2, magic mauve

Today let’s make them purple blue mauve…

The mauve (mallow) is this flower used for herb tea. It’s purple, and the water become blue.

infusion de mauve
(photo from this site about herbs, “la garrigue gourmande” with the recipe of “infusion de mauve”)

There is no mauve in my donut, but the effect happens with purple vegetables.

I made 3 styles of bakonuts (baked donuts).
Kurogoma (black sesame), simply decorated with sugar stars, flavor is enhanced by a few drops of bitter almond essence. They are presented here. The recipe is the same for the 3. Click here.

Walnuts. Simply added the nuts to the batter. Flavor is vanilla essence.

Raisin. The color is due to the addition of the purple sweet potato powder you can see below. It seems the differences of PH influence the color (like for this soup vichyssoise grise).

As you can see, it’s grey-blue, but pinker around the raisins.

Purple powder


Lost in rendition. They look very shiny in real but not on the photo.

Yum yum…

Kurogoma bakonut, unlike a donut

Today, call me Miss Do. Do you know “misdo” (mi-su-do) ? It’s the nickname for Mr Donut, the infamous and ubiquitous chain that poisons Japan with pretty but totally artificial and improbably flavored donuts. Well, it’s a convenient shop where you go to wait a train or someone. That looks very appetizing, and you always regret eating that. They have the kind of artificial taste I enjoyed when I was 7. Recently, they have tried to healthify their products. So you can see baked donuts, with flavors of Japanese sweets. They are better. But the really good ones are home-made.

You can buy a “baked donut maker”, which is simply a waffle-maker with the ring shape. OK to take that option if you needed it for waffles, moffles or croque-monsieurs, but it’s not worth the purchase. I use the small savarin mold.

The recipe is the same as ok’cakes (click to read more) :
1 egg, 1/2 cup of okara (if it’s dry + 1/2 cup water, 1 cup if it’s wet), a little sugar… and you bake about 10 minutes (180C).

To these I added black sesame (ground), a little vanilla and bitter almond essence (I add after baking). It’s better to let them cool totally before taking out of the molds as they are quite fragile. Maybe adding 1 tbs of flour would solve that, but they are nice without as you can see.

I get 2. And I can stay with half-do’s… or superpose the 2 :

I could put some cream, glazing, etc… Or nothing, as they are already good.

A batch. For the others soon, click here, there is a second post.