Le zoo de panisses et tapenade verte


I’m playing with animal cookie cutters and Provence’s classics.

Same recipe as these bunny panisses you’ve seen a few weeks ago.


Green olive tapenade.


Served with sticks of cucumbers and toothpicks. You have a nice Summer appetizer or light meal.


Poulet mariné et taboulé de chou-fleur

A refreshing “barbecue” lunch.

First, a new version of cauliflower as a taboulé.

sanded cauliflower tabouleh

Then, a few hours in the fridge to let flavor mix and the cauliflower get cooked by the dressing.

Chicken marinated in olive oil with basil and Italian parsley…

…then grilled on the plancha.

Et c’est bon !

Mousse de foie aux olives et romarin (via Gourmande in Osaka)


Mousse de foie aux olives et romarin Take the plain "mousse de foie de volaille" (chicken liver paste), like here : Mousse de foie de volaille , made of liver, butter, bouquet garni, onion, brandy. Add : Fragrant fresh rosmary. And slices of black olives… OK, bits, not slices as you have 2 sorts of olives the unpittables and the not-so-good. Wait 24 hours, so the flavors can blend. That changes everything. For a tartine… or two. … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Fettuccine con melanzane

Pasta !

First, something has to simmer a while.
A tomato sauce, with white beans, garlic, chili pepper and onion. Flavored with rosemary, anchovies and olives.

At the end, a little pasted basil is added on top.

Miniature aubergines. They are often used here to make pickles. The apple is on the photo to show the size.

Steamed, oiled, baked !

That’s my prefered topping !

Home-made egg and flour fettucine. I do it the easy way. Break an egg, add in flour. Mix grossly. Wait 15 minutes. Mix well. Pass in the machine. Cook.

Zucchini farro

Farro or spelt, the ancestor of wheat. Perfect for a lukewarm salad meal,

Zucchini “saisi” in garlic herbes de Provence and olive oil, not cooked, no raw, on the way…

Farro cooked in the rice-cooker.

Dressing it up with tomato passata, capers, olives, negi leeks, then the zukes plus a good drizzle of olive oil.

Served with two proteined sides.

Orange with sweetened azuki beans.